3 Tips for creating a great online christmas card

This Year's Online Christmas Cards

Holy Holiday’s I can’t believe we only have one more weekend until Christmas! I’m really excited for the 25th to be here because Waylon our 4.5 year old has been asking everyday if he’s on the “nice list” and has probably never more more ready for a day to come in his life. It’s the best reliving the magic of Christmas through my children’s eyes. I have a few traditions I love this time of year; going to the holiday symphony concert, decorating our house, and mailing out Christmas cards to dear friends and family.

I realize that taking family photos, creating a card and actually mailing them out can seem like a daunting task this time of year. So here are my 3 tips for creating a great online Christmas card.

  1. Snap: Have a friend take your photos, (a tripod or our iPhone propped up on books works too). I had our friend Meghan Brandlund take our photos this year and she just happens to be a great photographer. (Click here for a link to my favorite iPhone tripod and here for some of my favorite white holiday dresses)
  2. Relax: I think the number one thing to remember when taking family photos is to try and relax even if your kids are crying, which truth be told was the story of our family shoot this year. Meghan took her time and we ended up with beautiful photos of our family when everyone wasn’t crying.
  3. Print: Choose a company this makes it easy to choose a great design fast and is able to deliver prints in a timely manner. I went with Paperless Post this year and I love our finished product. I also love that I can share an online version as well as print. Head to paperlesspost.com to create your own online Christmas card.

3 tips for creating a great online christmas card3 tips for creating a great online christmas card

Bonus tip! If you didn’t manage to get cards sent you before Christmas try New Years. I love getting cards in the mail well into the new year.



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