4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

Wee wee! Last weekend I pulled off a babywearing costume with Ruby in about 2 hours… just in time for the Fall Carnival at Waylon’s school. I had every thing I needed in my closet to dress up French and took a trip to the fabric store for some shiny silver fabric, ribbon, and iron on letters. Eh violá we went as a French Kiss.

Dressing my baby up in ridiculously cute costumes is a highlight of motherhood for me ?.

I got a little carried away and put together 4 easy babywearing costumes: French kiss, farmer and her piglet, surfer and shark, and the last one is actually from when Zeke was a newborn and we were Zorro and his lady.

What’s your favorite? I can’t decide ??‍♀️!

# 1 French Kiss

4 Easy Baby Wearing Costumes



This costume was so easy to put together just wear black pants, a stripped shirt, neck scarf, beret, and red lips! To make the Hershey kiss I shaped construction paper into a cone and hot-glued the fabric over it. The Kiss tag was simple to make as well, all you need is white ribbon and iron on letters. Lastly hot-glue the ribbon into the top of the cone and added two more ribbon pieces to the side to tie a bow under Ruby’s chin.

4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

#2 Farmer and Piglet:

What you need: A straw hat, overalls, button-up collared shirt, pigtails, and freckles (drawn on with eyeliner)… oh and straw in hair for bonus points.

4 Easy Babywearing Costumes4 Easy Babywearing Costumes4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

#3 Surfer and Shark

What you need: A wetsuit or bathing suit, and a shark beanie for baby. 4 Easy Babywearing Costumes4 Easy Babywearing Costumes

#4 Zorro and his lady

This was a costume I put together with Zeke when he was a newborn 3 years ago! I love this one so much.

What you need: A red or colorful skirt, white tee, flowers for your hair, felt for Zorro’s mask and a stick on mustache.

4 Easy Babywearing Costumes


All baby wraps by Solly Baby.

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