5 Beauty Products I didn’t know I needed

5 Beauty Products I didn't know I needed

Last week I felt like I was at summer camp, having fun and making new friends! Old Navy asked me to be a part of their week long photoshoot for their summer campaign and like a teenager picked of the Varsity cheerleading team I said….YESSSSS! It was so much fun and I’ll share more about it later, but I wanted to share what I learned from the amazing hair and makeup stylist Tara Jean. Tara and her stylists performed their magic on me for 3 days and I loved every minute. Letting other people make me look presentable and dare I say pretty…yes I felt so pretty!…was a treat and far from my usual life. Here are 5 beauty products I didn’t know I needed and why I love them .

  1. Clary Collection Bath + Body Oil: Let’s be real, the older you get the more moisturizer you need. This oil not only moisturizes but has been called “liquid gold” because of it’s healing properties. It binds to free radicles and prevent them from causing cell damage, thus slowing the process of declining collagen production due to aging and encouraging the production of new collagen.
  2. Clary Collection Balm: Like a mother, this balm is a multi-tasker and can be used on lips, hands, and body to speed up healing and calm irritation…it’s also safe for babies. By the end of the day my lips are so crispy I need this balm in my pocket.
  3. James Eau De Parfum:  Long gone are my days of spraying and spritzing heavy perfume on myself. I found this perfume oil at a local boutique and have been loving its fresh and subtle scent. It gets bonus points for being easy to pack and travel with.
  4. An Anti-Puffiness Eye Roller: Why did I not know these existed until now? I asked Tara (the makeup artist) how to deal with my under-eye baggage and she whipped this roller out. I thought it would be from an expensive brand but it was the generic brand from CVS; I found a similar one at Walmart. It’s simply a roller with caffeine and mint extract that you roll under your eye for a refreshed look. Who knew my eyes needed caffeine in the morning as well?
  5. e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder: Once my makeup was done and we were ready to hit the set Tara would powder my face with this very inexpensive finish powder from e.l.f. cosmetics. It costs $6 at Target and is my new BFF for filling in lines and blurring imperfections….it just gives skin a soft and smooth finish.

Hope you enjoy and feel beautiful today!


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