5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

5 Things Every New Mom Should KnowIve been a mother for almost 4 years now, which kinda seams like a blip in time and a lifetime all at once. As a new mom I couldn’t count the times I said, “how come no one told me about this?” Motherhood was nothing like I thought it would be and my baby was not exactly the baby I thought he would be, all cute and cuddly all the time. Experience and time has taught me the most about being a parent.

When becoming a mother advice seems to come at you from everywhere. There are many things people will tell you and some things they won’t…these are the experiences you have to learn for yourself. In partnering with Dr. Smith’s I thought it would be fun and maybe a little beneficial to make my own list of 5 things I think that every new mom should know.

  • If you want to be a good mom you will be a good mom.
  • Mom guilt is real and is experienced by even the most dedicated mothers; its inescapable.
  • Don’t be afraid to call your child’s pediatrician. If you have a fear, question or concern it’s always best to call. Never underestimate your motherly intuition.
  • Have a good diaper rash ointment on hand like Dr. Smith’s. You can often see quick results and a change in your baby’s mood from using this ointment when he or she has a diaper rash.
  • Trust yourself and live in the moment. Try not to wish the phase you’re in away. Even if it’s teething, late nights and early mornings…you will miss it when it’s gone.

I can’t believe my youngest is already 3 months. As a new mom I thought it was crazy when I heard mothers sentimentally say they didn’t want their child to grow more. I couldn’t wait for my 1st son to grow out of the colic phase, then the teething phase then the tantrum phase (which we are still very much in)…it all just seemed so difficult and I kept my focus on the future. The truth is that life is difficult and raising children is not for the faint-at-heart but it is the richest and most rewarding calling. I’m soaking in each day with my youngest, breathing in the last of his newborn smell, making him smile as much as he can and not wishing him to grow up quite yet.

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5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know5 Things Every New Mom Should Know

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