5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions

I’m writing this with tears streaming down my face….

5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming EmotionsMy sister’s best friend’s brother just passed away, my Uncle is dying of cancer, my dad is dealing with chronic pain, I never feel like I’m NOT working, there’s a new COVID variant looming on the horizon, I have no freaking idea if I should or shouldn’t vaccinate my kids; Lord knows I’m NOT going to homeschool again. All the while my kids are allergic to listening, our house project feels like it will never end, this mom on Instagram that I follow looks like she flips a house ever month and I just can’t deal with the comparison… oh and I just want to sleep without someone waking me up 3 times a night……nothing like BURN OUT during the Holidays.

Rant over but seriously anyone else struggling with overwhelming emotions? The word vomit above is what my overwhelming emotions look like. It’s ironic that I planned to write this post for you all this week…I guess I needed it; things usually work out that way.

5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions

5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions

Here are 5 Ways I know to Come with overwhelming emotions:

  1. Feel and validate your emotions. This is step one. You can process anything if you can’t feel it. If you can feel it you can heal it.
  2. Label and accept you emotions: Accepting your emotions doesn’t mean they will stick around it means you acknowledge them and they will pass faster. Think of your life as a bus and emotions as rowdy passengers on that bus. You can acknowledge them but not allow them to drive.
  3. Locate the emotion in your body and ask the emotion what it needs. For example your heart may hurt and when you lay your hands there you might find that you are really lonely. If you ask loneliness what it needs you might find that it needs connection or a hug not the pint of ice cream.
  4. Give yourself what you need. Instead of looking for someone else to validate you, try validating yourself. Remember when you were a child and imagine giving that little child a hug or attention. If you need connection then reach out to a close friend or family member for support. You are not alone in how you feel.
  5. Breathe and let go. Imagine yourself breathing in gratitude and releasing the negative emotion you are feeling.

I hope this helps you this season! I’m grateful for you. 5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions5 Ways To Cope With Overwhelming Emotions



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