Baby Wish List

I’ve made it to the 22 week mark in my pregnancy this week, which means that we’re more than half way there to meeting our next little boy! It also means that I’ve entered the “nesting” phase. I feel it with every kick my baby gives me-that desire to plan, prepare, and research all the fun things that we might need and want for this new boy. Check out my curated wish list filled with items I love from shops and brands I love.

BabyMustHaves1// Nico Nico pele striped romper- Le Petit Organic, 2// Kalinka divna hat in ruby red & vanilla- Le Petit Organic, 3// Grey Label Summersuit- Le Petit Organic, 4// Petite Bonnet in Peacock- Petite Soul, 5// Beau loves harper suit xo- Le Petit Organic, 6// Lion Cub Twins- The Animal Print Shop, 7// Simple Silk Baby Sling- Sakura Bloom, 8// Leo Bloomers- Darling Clementine Shop, 9// Four Position 360 Carrier-Ergo Baby, 10// Sew heart felt slippers-finlay fox- Le Petit Organic, 11// Je T’Aime Onesie- Darling Clementine Shop, 12// Zebra Blanket-Rebecca Kiff, 13// Baby Panda Poster- Rebecca Kiff , 14// Rebecca Kiff and Monkey & Mole Moccassins- Rebecca Kiff, 15// Cheetah Softie- Rebecca Kiff, 16// Wrap- Solly Baby Wrap, 17// BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller-


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