Becoming A More Positive Parent

Becoming a More Positive Parent

Whenever you feel like a bad parent, just remember that the mom from Home Alone was halfway to Paris before she realized she was missing a child. ?

So here’s some positive parenting tips to refresh my memory and yours too in case you weren’t the perfect parent either. ?

This week Sam and I didn’t win any parenting awards… I’ll blame it on the rain yeah eyyyy yeahhhhh!  So what is Positive Parenting? “Positive parenting emphasizes the communication of clear parental expectations, collaboration between the parent and child, praise and reinforcement for desired behaviors, and the avoidance of harsh consequences such as physical punishment,” says Dr. Sarah Vinson an Atlanta-based psychiatrist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Why does Positive Parenting work? Children learn to tune-out scolding and yelling because it’s unpleasant. Children are human, even if they don’t act like it some days they have emotion… who wants to be yelled at daily. It’s no wonder it doesn’t work…they tunes us out when we yell. The only caveat I have for yelling is in times of danger. If my kid is running into he street you betcha I’m going to yell! So with that I wanted to refresh my memory and yours if needed some of the principles of Positive Parenting.

Becoming a Positive Parent
  1. Remember you can’t control your child.
  2. Nurture a loving relationship between you and your child by listening and empathizing with them.
  3. Empower your child by providing choices.
  4. De-escalate arguments with simple responses like “I know, probably so, that could be, I don’t know, and nice try!”
  5. Allow your child to experience the consequences of their choices…nuff said.
  6. Choose discipline over punishment…. discipline allows children to learn how to fix or solve the problem. Punishment is decided solely by the parent.p
  7. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Apologize to your child when YOU make a bad choice and spend quality time repairing the relationship.

And with that bit of advice I wanted to show you how we roll… literally how we get out and about lately. So I have to warn you I’m a bit of a stroller connoisseur… oh gosh I hope that didn’t sound snobby! I mean I’ve had three kids and have been blogging about family and baby stuff for 6 years now! So I’ve seen my fair share of strollers and like many of the for different reasons. The UPPAbaby VISTA stroller seriously is one for all… not to mention classy as heck! We originally got the UPPAbaby VISTA because it has the capability to fit all our kids. A Toddler seat for Ruby, a RumbleSeat that can be used forward-facing, parent-facing and reclined for Zeke and a PiggyBack ride along board for Waylon (click here for a link to their stroller for multiples)….On this particular day Waylon was in school and Zeke woke up grumpy from a car nap. But when he saw that he got to ride along like a big kid making his sister smile he quickly changed his tude.

Becoming  A More Positive Parent
Becoming a Positive Parent
Becoming a Positive Parent
Becoming a Positive Parent
Becoming a Positive Parent
The Vista Stroller also comes with a bassinet that you can easily detach and keep your sleeping infant sleeping! Check it out at


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