Captain Toto

Captain Toto
I think I might have been more excited opening up the first letter from “Captain Toto” with Waylon than he was. Reading the letter from Captain Toto about his trip to Paris brought me back to my favorite city and the 4 months I lived there as a “étudiant en art” (Art Student). Once the stickers were brought out it was game on for my boy! He’s recently started to love stickers and although he might not have grasped what a croissant is, we had such a fun time playing together while I reminisced.
I’ve been on the hunt for more educational and interactive things to do my now pre-school aged child so Captain Toto came at the perfect time. Captain Toto is a great explorer who travels to new places every month and shares his discoveries with his friends by snail mail. Each envelope contains a letter with games and fascinating facts about a new city and 3 sheets of fun stickers.
I may not be able to travel the world with my child right now, but I can have fun teaching him about the world we live in through fun activities like this… plus, in our world of instant entertainment I think it’s so fun to receive an actual letter in the mail! You can read more and find out how to get these adorable letters in the mail at
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