Ch. 1: You Are Your Own Best Healer

Ch. 1: You Are Your Own Best HealerAlright my wellness book lovers and Sure Babe book club members here are your questions from Chapter One of “How To Do The Work” by Dr. Nicole LePera.

I hope you enjoyed the intro and first chapter as much as I did. I felt like it was balanced and very one point with how I also feel as a therapist. I desire to help my clients grow and see lasting change in our sessions but most of this is up to them. Change is up to you as an individual because you truly are your own best healer. When you wake up to the idea that you already have the answers to your problems so much change can and will happen in your life.

Journal Question:

  1. Have you ever been to a therapist? If so what was your experience? Was it traditional or have you done any rituals or ceremonies for healing? Write out your experience.
  2. Was your family of origin emotionally healthy? Were emotions closed off or allowed to be expressed? How did you feel in this family as a child and now as an adult? Were your parents emotionally available? How did they handle your emotions?
  3. What is your current relationship with your body? Do you have any conditions like IBS, Autoimmune disease or digestive issues? How could what you experience in your physical body be linked to your emotions or mental health?
  4. Have you ever been diagnose with a mental disorder? If so what was that experience like for you? How are you NOT your diagnosis?
  5. Which of the basic tenets of Holistic Psychology stood out to you the most? Healing is a daily event, the power of choice, maintaining change through the practice of small, consistent daily choices, or taking responsibility for your mental wellness.
  6. Have you ever betrayed yourself? What is your past experience with this and what is one step forward away from self-betrayal for you?


Enjoy your healing reading!

Ch. 1: You Are Your Own Best Healer

With hope & healing,


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