Ch 2 The Conscious Self: Becoming Aware

Ch 2 The Conscious Self: Becoming AwareHow mind-blown are you after reading Chapter 2 of “How To Do The Work”? This chapter painted the picture well of how we stay stuck in reactive cycles of old programing. Like the client Jessica was trapped in her cycle of reactivity for years due to repressed grief, believing her thoughts, and a disconnection to her core self. I think we all can relate to Jessica in some way. When we wake up to consciousness we discover we are actually NOT our thoughts and through metacognition we have the ability to think about our thoughts and which ones we believe and give energy to. Jessica was a salve to her thoughts and that manifested in her behavior that was not inline with her core self. This chapter was so great in explaining how we don’t have to be a slave to our thoughts and old programing. Last week on Instagram I posted a Reel of me explaining how to change your thoughts to change you brain. Click HERE to watch.

Ch. 2 Journal Questions

  1. What are some of your cycles of reactivity? What thoughts, emotions and behaviors keep you stuck?
  2. How do you separate your mind and body? How do you connect your mind and body?
  3. What was your reaction to the concept of consciousness and the idea that you are not your thoughts?
  4. Chatter is the script we are unaware of that continually runs through our minds if we are not conscious…. what does your chatter sound like? Write down your thoughts in first person from the voice of your “chatter”.
  5. What is one thing you are going to implement this week to create space from the “monkey mind”?
  6. What subconscious beliefs from your childhood still show up today in your life?
  7. Mental resistance is cause us physical and mental discomfort when we try to change anything about ourselves because the old ways of thinking and being are comfortable for the brain. To combat mental resistance ask yourself: “Is my old way of being, thinking and behaving working for me?”
    How is your old programing not working for you? How does it keep you stuck?
  8. What is one thing you can do that gets you back into the present moment and breaks you free of old programing?
  9. What was your reaction to the section on “the power of belief”? What is something you would like to believe about yourself or your life? Write that on a post it and put it in 5 places you see a lot thought the day. Report back on how you much you believe this new thought at the end of the week.


With hope & healing,


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