Decorative Mirrors That Won’t Break Your Budget

decorative mirrors that won't break your budgetI recently stayed at an airbnb home that was styled so well it inspired me to make a few changes to my own. Lately I’ve been thinking more about minimalism and how to incorporate it into my life. Before researching this hot topic I thought minimalism was about not having anything…turns out it’s more about enjoying the things you do have. How does this relate to decorative mirrors you might ask…well I realized some of the areas in my home were just cluttered with items and prints I didn’t really like or have a connection to. I was drawn to the round mirror in the airbnb Joshua Tree House, I loved the architecture of it, I loved the size and I loved seeing my children in it. I went on the search, asked my Instagram following where I could find one that wouldn’t cost me and arm and a leg, and actually found the very same one I fell in love with at IKEA for $99. I have to be honest that is still a tad bit expensive for me but I’m resolving to spend less on little things and save for items like this that I truly love and want in our home forever. I rounded up (no pun intended ha ha) and found some great mirrors for you that won’t break the bank. They’re all under $99 too!

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