Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Have you ever felt like there was something else “out there” for you? Like you were meant for more or had the crazy idea that you could actually love your job and make money doing something you’re passionate about? Well we believe you CAN and that you were MEANT to make money with your inherent GIFTS using the voice that only YOU have. Sorry for all the caps I just get so excited helping others discover their talents and learn how to monetize them.

You guys I was there! I was sitting at desk in San Francisco depressed out of my mind working 40+ hours a week for other people, doing something that was totally uninspiring to me and commuting 4 hours a day none-the-less. I knew I couldn’t sustain that life much longer; it wasn’t until I spoke with  career coach that things were put into perspective for me. I’ll never forget her words…”What do you have to lose? Time will fly by before you know it. Do you want to be in the same place or be working towards your dreams in the next 5 years?” The thought of being at the same desk terrified me… It was a coveted place to work and a killer job right out of college but I wasn’t using any of my gifts and felt like part of me was dying.

I took that coach’s advice, quit my job and moved to Southern California where I went back to school, got my masters in psychology, became a licensed therapist, started a private practice, met my husband, had three children, started a blog, became a podcaster, monetized my Instagram, started coaching others in their career and freaking came ALIVE again!

I’m adding EDUCATOR  to that list above! Over the last 9 months I not other created a human, I created an ecourse that is revolutionary. FINDING YOUR VOICE: A MINDFUL APPROACH TO MAKING YOUR PASSIONS PROFITABLE combines mindfulness practices with all the information I’ve learned over the past 10 years working towards my dreams and passions. With my friend and photographer/branding expert Meghan Branlund we composed a course that will take you into your heart and head unlocking the things that have kept you stuck and uninspired. We guide you through your own life and experiences to find your unique VOICE and teach you how to transform that into a business and brand that will naturally attract an authentic audience or customer. I’m so proud of this course and pretty much over the moon that it’s already changing lives. One of our first students Sierra Palcovic says this:

Find Your Voice: ECourse  has changed the way I look at my dreams. I finally feel like I can make a living doing what I love. Every moment I spend on this ecourse makes me feel more sure about myself, my talent, and the possibility of growing to become what I have always wanted to be, with my community! If I am being honest, working towards my dreams has always given me a lot of stress and some anxiety because I was giving up time that I could be making money. But Chrissy and Megan have made me see that I am putting time and work into Myself and the more I value my own time and work on things that I enjoy doing and sharing, my business will only grow.

And I absolutely LOVE all of the mindful meditations within this course. They have helped me with the uncertainties and insecurities. This ecourse is not just for instagram influencer or photographer, this course is for anyone trying to build their dreams into an actual career! Thank you so so much Chrissy and Megan! This information is priceless!”

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable
So what are you waiting for? You deserve to design and live the life you want…the life you were born to live. Learn more info about this course by clicking here.

Here’s a breakdown of the course:

What is this course?

We’re unlocking the secrets to building authentic and long-lasting influence.

In this online course, you will get in touch with who you are and what you want, discover your creative voice, grow your social media influence, and turn your life passions into sustainable profit.

With a masters degree in psychology and 10+ years of working with clients, we created a revolutionary course that provides insight into your true self. Through meditative and journal exercises as well as practical “how to” tutorials on branding and photography, this course will help anyone who wants to start something, discover their passion, market their brand online, and grow an authentic audience while not getting caught up in the comparison game.

What You’ll Learn

Through 4+ hours of video content and 25+ PDFs, you will:

Discover your passions and find your unique creative voice

Use what makes you you to develop a brand that stands out from the rest

Grow an authentic following on social media platforms

Learn how to make money working from home with brands and influencers you love

Align your life, become financially free, and feel excited about the work you do

Module Descriptions

Video— Welcome

We’ll introduce ourselves and the course. We’ll share our heart behind this project, what we hope for you, explain how to move through the content, and invite you into a self-discovery practice to get you started on the journey.

Video 2 — Our Story

We’ll share how we started our businesses, the struggles we faced, and how we grew our platforms over the years. We’ll talk candidly about the ups and downs of living the dream and let you in on the wisdom we’ve picked up along the way.

Video 3 — Your Story

We’ll invite you into the process of uncovering your own passions, desires, and creative voice. Through these discussions and practices, you’ll get in touch with who you really are and what you really want so you can build a brand and profit based on your true self.

Video 4 — Safe Place

In this visualization, you will mindfully practice the art of listening to your intuition. You will learn how to empower yourself with safety and confidence, overcome internal roadblocks like anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, and be released to dream freely about your future.

Video 5 — Table of Your True Self

In this visualization, you will meet with all of the different aspects of your personality. You will tune back into the dreams you’ve forgotten, pay attention to what your instinct is telling you, and learn how to include the whole picture of who you are into your life and business goals.

Video 6 — Dream Job

Research shows that visualizing and writing down your goals and dreams significantly increases your likelihood for achieving them. In this visualization, you will imagine what your life could be like if you were to truly live your dreams, and then you’ll take that vision and translate it into actionable steps for growth.

Video 7 — Your Brand

You’ll translate everything you learned about yourself in the first few videos of this course into a brand that is uniquely you. You’ll discover how to stand out amongst the crowd, pick colors, images, and language that matches your personal message, and communicate what you offer clearly and effectively to attract the clients, brands, and collaborators you want to work with.

Video 8 — Build Your Influence (2 Parts)

You’ll learn how to optimize your platforms, find out our best tips and tricks for growing your social media following organically, and how to connect intimately with your audience. We’ll share our best practices for staying relevant, consistent, and compelling in a world that is overrun with content.

Video 9 — Use Your Influence

This is where you’ll learn how to make money online. We’ll share everything we’ve learned about working with brands and influencers. We’ll take you behind the scenes of our paid experiences to share things like how to price your work, how to negotiate terms and contracts, how to get connected with paying clients, and what to do to consistently earn an income from home….doing what you love.

Video 10 — Photography Tutorial (3 Parts)

Great images make all the difference in the world for your blog and Instagram. We’ll take you behind the scenes of a family photoshoot where you’ll learn how to take better pictures, pose your subjects naturally, work with different lighting scenarios, and edit your photos in Lightroom.

Video 11 — BONUS: Editing on Your Smart Phone

If you don’t have a fancy-pants camera, that’s okay! We’ll teach you how to shoot and edit on an iPhone. We’ll also give our top recommendations for iPhone apps, softwares, and tools for getting the best out of your iPhone camera.

Video 12 — Time, Money, Fear (2 Parts)

The biggest roadblocks that hold people back from achieving their dreams are: time, money, and fear. In this video session, we will tackle those monsters head-on and give you the courage, tools, and empowerment you need to overcome them once and for all. It’s time to take your dreams seriously enough to not let anything hold you back.

Video 13 — BONUS: Your Business

Although this course isn’t meant to be a tutorial on how to set up the logistics of a business, we don’t want anything to get in your way! In this video session, we’ll share the 5 most important first steps for getting your business started.


We left no stone unturned! I wish I had something like this after I graduated college or when I started my blog. I mean I’m grateful for those floundering years because they taught me a lot, but I also think I could have saved a ton of time if I could have honed in on my gifts and what I was passionate about and learn from the experts.

Sign up here for all our free information and info on our free webinars! If a single mom of 2 and a mom of 3 with a newborn can make money doing what they love you can too! Also you can listen to our “Sure Babe” episode in which we answer our audience’s question by clicking here and SURPRISE we have a discount code for you over there but HURRY our early bird price ends October 15th at 12:00am PST.

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Find Your Voice: A Mindful Approach To Making Your Passions Profitable

Live YOUR life! And yes I had to pin my dress because my nursing boobs are ginormous and I should have ironed my dress but such is life ha ha. Glad I created an audience of readers that are so sweet to me and so non-judgmental. 😉





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