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Find Your Voice is the only course of its kind that shows you exactly how to identify your true purpose in life and how to build a profitable business using the skills you are most passionate about for long-term success.

Imagine being able to wake up everyday excited to create, earn income, and fully show up for your life (without feeling overwhelmed or overworked).

All the while focusing on what you love doing…and earning an income.

Unlocking Secrets to Building



In this online course, you will get in touch with who you are and what you want, discover your creative voice, grow your social media influence, and turn your life passions into sustainable profit.

With a masters degree in psychology and 10+ years of working with clients, we created a revolutionary course that provides insight into your true self. Through meditative and journal exercises as well as practical “how to” tutorials on branding and photography, this course will help anyone who wants to start something, discover their passion, market their brand online, and grow an authentic audience while not getting caught up in the comparison game.


This is what happens when you build a business based on your own unique creative voice and have the tools to attract a tribe full of raving fans ready to buy from you. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a business from scratch or you have tried before, but were unsuccessful, this proven program works to:

  • Set the foundations for building an authentic brand
  • Help you clarify your message
  • Remove diminishing roadblocks, negative self-talk habits, and squash the fear of failure
  • Eliminate the guesswork when deciding what to do next to grow and scale
  • Shorten the learning curve and simplify your entrepreneurial journey

By the end of this course, you’ll have…


Developed the tools necessary to grow an authentic following on social media platforms and how to monetize them​


Developed the tools necessary to grow an authentic following on social media platforms and how to monetize them​


Developed the tools necessary to grow an authentic following on social media platforms and how to monetize them​


Developed the tools necessary to grow an authentic following on social media platforms and how to monetize them​

About Your Guide

Chrissy Powers is

many things..

She is a licensed family and marriage therapist, photographer, creative coach, lifestyle blogger, podcast host, writer, wife, mother of three, an online educator, an influencer on social media, and so much more. Because of her huge following, she has been hired by several brands to do endorsements. Chrissy has written about relationships, motherhood, travel, style, personal growth, and life in Southern California. While she loves many things, her true passion is to empower others to unveil their passion.

Therefore, she put together a course that can help people learn how to remove the negative barriers holding them back from living a calming, embodied life.

You ready?

You're ready.

This is what we are about


Find Your Voice

A sneak peak of

what’s inside…

video 1: welcome

We’ll introduce ourselves and the course. We’ll share our heart behind this project, what we hope for you, explain how to move through the content, and invite you into a self-discovery practice to get you started on the journey.

Video 2: our story
We’ll share how we started our businesses, the struggles we faced, and how we grew our platforms over the years. We’ll talk candidly about the ups and downs of living the dream and let you in on the wisdom we’ve picked up along the way.
video 3: your story

We’ll invite you into the process of uncovering your own passions, desires, and creative voice. Through these discussions and practices, you’ll get in touch with who you really are and what you really want so you can build a brand and profit based on your true self.

video 4: safe place
In this visualization, you will mindfully practice the art of listening to your intuition. You will learn how to empower yourself with safety and confidence, overcome internal roadblocks like anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, and be released to dream freely about your future.
video 5: table of your true self
In this visualization, you will meet with all of the different aspects of your personality. You will tune back into the dreams you’ve forgotten, pay attention to what your instinct is telling you, and learn how to include the whole picture of who you are into your life and business goals
video 6: dream job
Research shows that visualizing and writing down your goals and dreams significantly increases your likelihood for achieving them. In this visualization, you will imagine what your life could be like if you were to truly live your dreams, and then you’ll take that vision and translate it into actionable steps for growth.
video 7: your brand
You’ll translate everything you learned about yourself in the first few videos of this course into a brand that is uniquely you. You’ll discover how to stand out amongst the crowd, pick colors, images, and language that matches your personal message, and communicate what you offer clearly and effectively to attract the clients, brands, and collaborators you want to work with.
video 8: build your influence (2 parts)
You’ll learn how to optimize your platforms, find out our best tips and tricks for growing your social media following organically, and how to connect intimately with your audience. We’ll share our best practices for staying relevant, consistent, and compelling in a world that is overrun with content.
video 9: build your influence
This is where you’ll learn how to make money online. We’ll share everything we’ve learned about working with brands and influencers. We’ll take you behind the scenes of our paid experiences to share things like how to price your work, how to negotiate terms and contracts, how to get connected with paying clients, and what to do to consistently earn an income from home….doing what you love.
video 10: photography tutorial (3 parts)
Great images make all the difference in the world for your blog and Instagram. We’ll take you behind the scenes of a family photoshoot where you’ll learn how to take better pictures, pose your subjects naturally, work with different lighting scenarios, and edit your photos in Lightroom.
video 11: bonus! editing on your smartphone
If you don’t have a fancy-pants camera, that’s okay! We’ll teach you how to shoot and edit on an iPhone. We’ll also give our top recommendations for iPhone apps, software, and tools for getting the best out of your iPhone camera.
video 12: time, money, fear (2 parts)
The biggest roadblocks that hold people back from achieving their dreams are: time, money, and fear. In this video session, we will tackle those monsters head-on and give you the courage, tools, and empowerment you need to overcome them once and for all. It’s time to take your dreams seriously enough to not let anything hold you back.
video 13: bonus! your business
Although this course isn’t meant to be a tutorial on how to set up the logistics of a business, we don’t want anything to get in your way! In this video session, we’ll share the 5 most important first steps for getting your business started.

Kind Words

what people are saying about chrissy

“Find Your Voice has played an important role in well, finding my voice! For a long time I’ve struggled with wearing too many hats and not knowing how to hone in on my gifts. Find Your Voice has helped me discover the gifts I have while at the same time seeing how my gifts relate to my personality and my calling. I now sell curated vintage clothing and custom artwork in my online shop,, as well as teaching holy yoga classes in my community. I’ve always loved style and fashion and moving my body. I’m also staying true to my values and beliefs. And I’m loving sharing my voice with others to inspire people to find theirs through vintage clothing and yoga!”

– Heidi Pasley –

“Find Your Voice ecourse has changed the way I look at my dreams. I finally feel like I can make a living doing what I love. Every moment I spend on this ecourse makes me feel more sure about myself, my talent, and the possibility of growing to become what I have always wanted to be, with my community. If I am being honest, working twoards my dreams has always given me a lot of stress and some anxiety because I was giving up time that I could be making money. But Chrissy and Meghan have made me see that I am putting time and work into myself and the more I value my own time and work on things that I enjoy doing and sharing, my business will only grow. And I absolutely LOVE all of the mindful meditations within this course. They have helped me with the uncertainties and insecurities. This ecourse is not just for Instagram inlfuencers or photographers, this course for anyone trying to build their dreams into an actual career”

– Sierra Palkcovic –

“I’m working through Meghan & Chrissy’s course… I haven’t even finished the first part of it and I’ve already felt a massive change in the way I view myself and my potential! My motivation to achieve my goals has sky-rocketed, and I didn’t even have a clear idea of what my goals were! They helped me to see them. I’ve not only begun my journey as an aspiring influencer, but I’ve also kick-started a print business that I’ve put on the back burner for too long. I’ve even channeled it into starting up a garden maintenance business for my husband (which has also been in the pipeline for too long). I feel like I’ve finally found my brand, my purpose, and most importantly, my voice. Thank you for providing me the ultimate supplement for self confidence and reassurance. I’m so excited to keep on going with this course. THANK YOU!!”

– Jessica May –

One Simple Question

Are you up for the challenge to change both your personal and professional life for good?

If you say YES to growing a business that gives you both freedom and a purpose,

Find Your Voice is right for you.

find your voice course

12 month

payment plan


Per Month for 12 Months

4 month

payment plan


Per Month for 4 Months




Pay Once and Save $47

Find Your Voice

course includes

4 Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Lesson Modules with 11 Video Tutorials to hone in on your zone of genius and FINALLY start building the life + business you deserve

11+ Templates, PDFs and Frameworks for note-taking, self-discovery, and practical applications

A deep understanding of how to market your passion so people will buy (the non-salesy way)

A step-by-step brand guide to marketing that is true to your unique skill set

An authentic following full of raving fans ready and willing to hire you, purchase from you, and learn from you
Practical guided meditations to overcome fears and negative mindsets
Expert level photography skills to create a brand you will be proud to show off online​
The confidence to build your influence
A purpose driven life with sincere intentions that makes money even before nap time ends
BONUS! 2 Sessions on Influencer Marketing
Links to our favorite articles, apps, and resources

Meghan’s never-before-seen Photography Presets (add-on)




do you offer payment plans?

We do! You can purchase the course for just 4 payments of $99. We want the information we share in these videos and PDFs to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve created payment options to empower you to take the first step towards living your dream.

what's your refund policy?

We believe in this content so much that we’re willing to offer a 15-day 100% money back guarantee. If after two weeks you find the course just isn’t doing it for you, let us know. We’re all about setting you up for success.

how long will it take me to do this course?

You can go through this course at whatever pace is best for you. You could blitz through it in a couple of days, but we highly recommend taking your time with it. Spend a few weeks, or even a few months digging into the content and engaging in the self-discovery process.

once i've purchased the course, what happens?

We will email your link to access the course. All of the videos, PDFs, and additional resources will be ready and waiting for you! If you don’t get your link, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

wil i receive everything for my course at once?

Yes you will. Some people like to move slow, and others want to binge-learn Netflix style, so we’ve provided all of the material to you up front.

how long will i have access ot the content?

As long as you want. Once the course is yours, it’s yours forever.

can i gift the course to someone else?

You can! Once you purchase the course, contact us and let us know the name and email of the person you’d like to share it with. We’ll send the link to them so they can access it from wherever they are.

how do i know if this course is right for me?

Intuition is a powerful tool. We believe that if this course is right for you, you’ll know. But to give you a hint: If you want to discover your true voice and passions, work from home, grow your influence, and make money doing what you love, then this course is right for you. If you’re still not sure, contact us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about what’s included and who it’s for. Plus, we offer a 100% 15-day money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not a good fit, there’s no risk!

will this course really help me __________?
Yes. It will help you:

  • Find your creative voice
  • Discover what you really want and what makes you unique
  • Learn the tips and tricks for making money as an influencer
  • Step up your photography game
  • Overcome obstacles keeping you from doing what you love
do i need any __________ exprience to buY this course?

None at all, in any way. You can be an established business or a brand new dreamer. This course will guide you into more passion and profitability no matter where you are on the journey.

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