Five natural Ways to fight a cold

five natural ways to fight your baby's coldFor the last two weeks our family has been battling colds and let me just say candidly…the snot runneth over. It doesn’t help that our youngest Zeke seems to get an ear infection every time he catches a cold. When fridababy asked to sponsor this post I replied all too enthusiastically “Yes Please!!!” It’s the worst when you take your baby to the doctor to find out there’s nothing they can do to help because “it’s just a cold that has to run it’s course?” Ugh these pesky germs can wreck weeks of family fun. Since there is no magic medicine that can kill a cold in it’s tracks you have to focus on what you can do which is comfort. So for you my dear reader I’ve written out my top tips for treating your baby’s cold:

  1. Use a saline mist like Fridababy’s Nose Frida mist and Snot Sucker. The latter may sound gross but as a mother it’s so satisfying to see the effects and relief it provides right away. When your baby can’t breathe it’s heartbreaking and also means you don’t sleep either so this invention is genius in my book. These products have majorly helped during those long congested nights.
  2. Monitor baby’s temperature: a normal temperature for a healthy baby is 97-100.3 degrees Fahrenheit. If your little one is 3 months or under then fever is more serious and if his or her temperature is 101.4 degrees F (38 degrees C) or higher then call your doctor immediately. If your baby is older than 3 months consider their behavior. If they appear well and are continuing to take fluids and have wet and dirty diapers then a call to the doctor might not be necessary. (I say if you’re worried then call anyways). If their fever persists longer than 24 hours or is very high I would for sure call the doctor. I always call when my boys have a fever above 103 degrees F or if they are acting strange or lethargic. Taking all symptoms into account helps in knowing when to call the dr. If you’re in need of a good thermometer I recommend Fridababy’s FeverFrida iThermonitor. This thermometer checks in on your babe every four seconds without waking him or her, thanks to a bitty Bluetooth monitor and patch placed under the arm and will alert your smart phone when the temp goes above a predetermined threshold and continuously stores data for pediatrician visits and medicine dose reminders….ahmazing!
  3. Bathtime: When Zeke woke up in the middle of night in pain from his ear ache and congestion one of the things that soothed him most was drawing a warm eucalyptus bath or taking a shower with him while spraying a few squirts of water and eucalyptus oil mixed together. You can find eucalyptus oil at any health food store and it shouldn’t break your budget.
  4. Honey and Water: If your baby is over 1 years old you may give him or her 1/4 of honey mixed with warm water to soothe a sore throat that can often co occur with colds. (If you’re worried about the honey thing then check with your child’s pediatrician first). Bonus…try bone broth. I’ve never tried it before but I want to because I’ve heard that it boosts immunity. Click here for a simple bone broth recipe from The Nourished Kitchen.
  5. Hugs and Holding: Nothing works better than mom or dad. Your comfort and closeness is the number one thing that can soothe your baby so forgo sleep training or any other harsh regimens during this time when your baby needs you the most.

How we do cold seasonHow we do cold seasonHow we do cold seasonHow we do cold seasonI hope you all stay well this holiday season but in case you catch some sniffles I hope these tips help and that you might find some relief using fridababy’s genius product; they can be conveniently found at your local Target store.

This is a sponsored post for fridababy, all thoughts and words are my own.



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