Gifts for a Mom Made By A Mom

Gifts for a Mom Made By A Mom

Happy Mother’s Month! I can’t help but love May because it’s the month that mother’s are recognized and showered with love and affection for doing the best, most wonderful, most difficult job in the world. One of my favorite quotes on motherhood is by the writer Agatha Christie:

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” ….so basically mothers are superheroes and that is why they deserve a thoughtful gift and endless shower of kisses on May 14th.

I compiled a list of gifts that would make any mama smile, but even more so because each item is made by a mother.

  1. A Hat for the Woman that wears many…This is the Jasmine hat by Gigi Pip a woman’s hat shop in Salt Lake City Utah designed and curated by mother of 3 boys Ginger Parish.
  2. Mamacita tee by The Bee & The Fox…created and designed by mothers with a passion for nostalgia and love for all things vintage. I got mine at All Ye Citizens shop in Oceanside which is owned and curated by a wonderful and hardworking mother Dani Luecht.
  3. Vida Pacifique Leather bag by Rais Case… designed and handcrafted by former teacher and mother of two, Julie Ellis.
  4. Clary Collection Balm…created by mothers, Adriel and Jen, who are passionate about healthy living and bringing awareness to our need for clean food, products and environments.
  5. Natalie Borton Tassel Earrings and Necklace…Each piece is handmade in some way, shape or form in Natalie’s home studio during babysitter mornings, nights and those oh-so-precious midday baby nap times.
  6. Gold Bracelets and Stackable Rings by Kelsey Overstreet…Kelsey is a San Diego artist and mother and is currently working on getting her MFA.
  7. Craft + Foster All Natural Soy CandleThese candles are created and hand poured in San Diego by a mother of four and they smell like Heaven. My favorite scent is “Lost Coast”, it’s unlike any scent I’ve smelled before.

I hope you enjoyed this list of talented mama makers and that you find the perfect gift for the mothers in your life.



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