Health, Wellness, and Keeping Up With My Kids

Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kids

About 8 months ago I was feeling exhausted and frustrated with trying to lose the last of my baby weight. I was working out in my kitchen to 15 minute YouTube videos but still feeling that I haven’t found my groove. Flash-forward to the present day I’ve managed to fit exercise into my routine (so that I don’t go crazy), I’ve lost the last of the baby weight, and have more energy to play with my boys. So welcome to my new “Whole Living” series where I’ll be sharing about the things in my life that make me feel more whole, happy and healthy.

Before turing 34 the only supplement I took was a prenatal vitamin…I realized that investing in my health was probably the best thing I could do for my well-being and my family. This led me to Plexus a health and wellness company that offers plant-based supplements that fills in the gaps where your diet may be lacking. Plexus is all about balancing blood sugars naturally, reducing inflammation and cleansing the gut for optimal health.

Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kids

Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kidsWhat I love about Plexus is that it’s not a meal replacement or diet program… I love real food… in my body… everyday! It fits into my busy lifestyle and has kept me feeling great and totally on top of my game. Plus I love that I lost 2 pant sizes and was able to keep the weight off while waking up feeling rested.


Here are some tips I follow to manage my health and make my body run it’s best.

  • Find a type of exercise you can do easily and enjoy. I love running because I can do it anywhere. And with a jogging stroller I don’t have to get a sitter because I just load the boys up and go. Waylon’s preschool is about half a mile from our house so instead of driving and fighting the drop-off traffic, Zeke and I run/walk him to school with our double BOB stroller.
  • Invest in natural supplements like the Triplex Combo that will help you see results sooner and stabilize your blood sugar while minimizing cravings. This is just one piece that has helped me achieve my health goals; I love sharing it with others because it’s made a significant difference for me.
  • Make achievable goals each week. For example this week is busier than last week and we’re experiencing a heatwave so I’m making it a goal to just walk or run at least 3 days out of the week.
  • Work out with friends or join a group like stroller strides. I meet some friends at a park once a week while we do circuit training exercises and tag team watching the kids on the playground. It’s become more than a workout, its more like group work out and group therapy because when have women ever gotten together and not talked about the deep issues in life?
  • Meal plan: find healthy meal options on Pinterest and  plan out your meals for the week and shop for them at one time.

Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kidsSide note: It helps to wear a bathing suit that stays in place but doesn’t make you feel like you lost your style. I love these Raising Wild suits for that very reason. Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kidsHealth, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kidsHealth, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kids

If you haven’t noticed yet Waylon is always running…always. I have no other option but to manage my health and wellness so I can keep up!
Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kidsAnd Mr. Zeke is always trying to do what big brother does so they keep me pretty busy and my reflexes honed like a ninja. Health, Wellness, and Keeping up with my kids

If you feel like you’re struggling with your health or just want to reach your next fitness level, you might want to consider adding supplements to your daily routine. You can try them all out for 60 days and if you end up not liking them then send em back! Win Win! This is not a sponsored post. I honestly love what these Plexus products have done for me so I budget them into our life and have joined as an ambassador so I can offer them to friends who need them. Check out for all Plexus products.





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