How To Get The Best Workout At Home

How To Get The Best Work Out At Home

*This is a sponsored post for Openfit, however all words and thoughts are my own.  Click HERE to check out my favorite at home workouts and see how easy it is to get started.

Below are my top 3 tips for working out at home:

I’ve been working out at home since I had my second son Zeke. Going to the gym got more challenging and I found that I spent more time just trying to get to the gym. Enter 2020 and everyone was scrambling for at home exercise equipment and sweating it out at home.

I’ve tried countless “at home workouts” and I have to tell you Openfit is one of my absolute favorites! Openfit is an online wellness platform that delivers streaming workouts to the comfort of your home or in my case my garage. Openfit fits into my life so well as I have resolved that I will not wake up any earlier than I have to due to having 2 children that like to sleep on top of me at night. So I had to find a workout that was fast, effective and fun. Enter Openfit into my life and my fitness box was checked. I mean you have to actually do the workout but the way Openfit works makes it easy to fit into your busy schedules.

One of the best things to come out of “at home workouts” are LIVE classes! Openfit has LIVE classes taught by real, personal trainers. If you turn the camera on your phone or tablet, the trainer can see you. You can also interact with other people in the class via chat. It’s a great way to stay motivated and be connected.  I tell my own clients in my Nonlinear Movement classes this as well, if you’re camera shy, you can still workout with the class and turn your camera off…there’s no shame in that. I’m a huge fan of community and working out with friends so this feature is one of my favorites….good for your body and soul. My favorite workout is led by celebrity Sophia Rose.

Sophia began her fitness journey competing in both gymnastics and ballet. Her workouts are graceful and powerful — perfect for anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level while toning your entire body… I love multitasking, especially in my workouts. The program includes 10 total-body workouts you’ll do over 30 days. Each workout is just 30 minutes long and requires no equipment. I’ve found that Sophia’s 4-Week “Bomb Body” workout program is the easiest way to fit in an extremely effective workout out in my busy schedule. This program is designed to burn fat, increase your confidence, and sculpt your body. I love that Sophia is encouraging and vulnerable in sharing her own personal and professional journey from ballet to struggling with an eating disorder and then finding freedom and joy through boxing. She created this program to help others feel more confident in their own skin…and sweat! I love a good sweat and I get it for sure when I press play on Sophia’s workouts.

I can’t recommend Openfit enough as I know adding digestible exercise into your weekly life will decrease stress, depression and anxiety as well as increase better sleep, interpersonal relationships, find clarity and reduce likelihood of disease and other physical ailments. I remind myself of the benefits of exercise all the time because I used to work out to burn calories and chase an ideal body that was never mine and now I exercise to feel in my body, to appreciate my body, to serve my body for all she has done for me over the past 39 years. Click HERE to try Openfit out for FREE for 21 days!

Below are my top 3 tips for working out at home:

How To Get The Best Work Out At Home

How To Get The Best Work Out At Home

Step 1:

Clear a designated space in your home to workout out in. My space is right in from of my washer and dryer which allows me to throw a load in and “feed two birds with one scone” sort of thing haha…. I have a huge yoga mat called a Gorilla Mat and weights that I keep in the garage next to my workout zone which makes it easy to push play. Also if you’re a parent and have kiddos set up a play area for them as well so you can workout while they play.

Step 2:

Don’t expect it to look perfect. At home workouts might not look how you want them too at first because you might be learning as you go (half the time I have no idea what I’m doing) but if I pause the video or rewind it a bit I’m able to get my form right. If you’re working out with kids around and they interrupt just pause the video and return to it after you meet their needs. If they’re just being whiny have them join you our use them resistance weight ha ha! I do this a lot with my kids and they love it because they’re having fun with me and I’m getting an additional boost in my workout.

Step 3:

Just press PLAY! Once you start it will be worth it. If you remind yourself that you are doing this for your health and wellness and not to meet an expectation then you’ll be more motivated.

I feel so much stronger and energized by adding Openfit workouts to my life. Openfit has a special extended 21 days of totally free access to their platform.  That means, you can do an ENTIRE Program for free or try all of the other live and on demand classes they offer.  You literally have nothing to lose. Click HERE to try it out!

Let me know if you try it!

How To Get The Best Work Out At Home

How To Get The Best Work Out At Home




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