How To Pick Out Hardware

When looking for hardware for your home or project you might not know where to start. It might not seem like a lot goes into making a handle or doorknob but making these quality pieces is an art. Installing quality hardware is kind of like the perfect accessory or bag that makes your outfit pop. Sam and I decided to use one of Sam’s favorite brands of hardware. Sam has installed Emtek products for clients for years.

“Its great hardware and is designed to reflect its owners’ character and style.”

-Sam Powers (professional builder)

How To Pick Out Hardware


Emtek’s hardware is fully customizable which allows you to pick the finishes, rosettes, knobs and levers. Before heading to your local home improvement store to upgrade your cabinet pulls or knobs.

How To Pick Out Hardware

Here are some tips we used to pick out our hardware:

What is your lifestyle like:

Do you have kids or dogs? If so you might not want to instal in levers and use knobs instead because levers wear out faster. Think about how the product will be used in your home with your lifestyle.

Pick a brand that has good standards:

This way you know that the internal parts of your hardware will not wear out fast. With the rise of Houzz and Pinterest you often don’t know what you’re getting. With Emtek you buy their products online or through an authorized dealer and touch and feel the hardware in person. It’s kinda like buying a car, you want to check out the finishes and pieces in person. If you can’t go into a store a quality brand like Emtek has good customer service that will help you decide what is best for your project.

Look for finishes and shapes that wear nicely:

Hardware will get used daily, so pick a product that is easy to clean that will look and age well. We tend to go with more simple designs that are classy and will last through trends. We like the Emtek stays on top of trends but makes it their own.

Feel the actual weight of the product:

If it feels solid it will last. Sam said when he held our Emtek doorknobs in his hand it felt heavy and not hollow which gave him instant confidence that we were putting in a product that will last a lifetime. It is worth spending more money on products you use on a daily basis; it will last 10x longer.

Look at the brands style guide online:

Utilizing a brands online resources to help hone in on hardware is super helpful in picking out products that best compliments your projects look and stye.

How To Pick Out Hardware

How To Pick Out Hardware

How To Pick Out Hardware

How To Pick Out Hardware

Happy building!

-Chrissy & Sam



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