Humble Hilo: Fashion + Philanthropy

Humble Hilo: Fashion + PhilanthropyMeet my new favorite bag and the passionate people behind Humble Hilo.

Lauren and Erica are two incredibly smart and savvy women with huge hearts.

On their website you can read more about these two women who are changing the lives and families in Guatemala. Both Lauren and Erica have backgrounds in community and world health and a strong desire to do more than just sell beautiful handmade Guatemalan textiles; they are ultimately creating awareness and change.

Put simply, Humble Hilo mixes fashion with philanthropy and a portion of every purchase made supports one of their humanitarian projects that help make a sustainable difference in the lives of impoverished villagers living in remote areas of Guatemala.

It excites me so much to meet women like this who are not only using their gifts and skills but taking steps of faith to change the world. We all have an important role to play in life, maybe it’s being a really good teacher, mother or friend. I encourage you to seek after what passions tug at your heart and see how you can get involved or just support an organization like this! Check out their site for apparel, handbags, sandals, home decor and other unique products that support the greater good and happen to be absolutely gorgeous.

Humble Hilo: Fashion + PhilanthropyHumble Hilo: Fashion + PhilanthropyHumble Hilo: Fashion + PhilanthropyHumble Hilo: Fashion + Philanthropy


Images by: See Dani Style


*This is a featured post for Humble Hilo; all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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