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Julie Denby needs a blog. This girl has more cool in her little finger than I know what to do with. I met Julie via Instagram and was immediate drawn to her incredible sense of fashion and funny. Since then, we’ve become fast instafriends bonding over our shared love for Madewell and back-ally walls. It’s no joke, Julie makes me laugh daily. She’s a breath of fresh air for the fashion world on IG and I thought you all should get to know her. Read my interview with @julesdenby and be sure to follow her on Instagram. Julie DenbyCP:  Tell us in a few words about yourself and your life.

JD: I’m an east coast girl. I’ve pedaled my way up and down New England and New York. I was born in Connecticut, then went to college in New York and started my career in fashion. By a little twist of fate I moved to New Hampshire for one summer and met my husband. I left my job in fashion and became a barista. We got married and moved back down to Connecticut to be closer to family. These days I work as a nanny and hope to start a family of my own soon.

CP: What influences your style most?
JD: I’m SO grumpy when I’m not comfortable, seriously ask my husband:) So when it comes to influencing my style, the most important thing is feeling good in what I’m wearing. That for me will always be jeans and sneakers.

CP: I love how you use black in almost all your photos with out making it look too harsh. What are some of your secrets when you throw an outfit together?

JD: There’s definitely no formula to me getting dressed. Some people say they dress for their mood. I must look like I’m always in a bad mood then because I wear so much black!! The secret is to feel cool. Wear things that do that for you. For me it’s jeans, sneakers, leather, flannels, sunglasses, and hats.

CP: What new trend are you loving and or wanting to try?
JD: I honestly don’t even know what the new trends are!! Is that so bad? I don’t read fashion magazines because they’re way too intimidating.  (I do enjoy a good rag mag every now and then though). I buy what I love and what I’m drawn to when I shop. If it happens to be trendy then I’m fine with that but I usually don’t seek out trends.

CP: What is your favorite budget breaking brand and favorite budget brand?
JD: Oh lord, handbags are my budget breaker. I love balenciaga and proenza schouler. Sigh. There’s tons of brands out there that are so affordable. My favorite is definitely Madewell. I’m never disappointed with their selection. Double sigh.

CP: Favorite place to hang out and why?
JD: I’m a coffee shop girl. I could spend all saturday there. I met my husband while I was working as a barista so it definitely is our thing.

CP: What’s an average weekend look like for you and your hubby?

JD: I used to work retail so I never had a weekend off…now that I do they’re so sacred to me!! We live a train ride away from NYC so we go in often to shop and hit up cafés. Sundays are family day for us. We go to church in the morning then like to spend the day with my parents.

CP: What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
JD: I like to channel my inner Martha Stewart, so my favorite tradition is putting up all the Christmas decorations. But it must be done while watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Gosh that movie is a classic!!

CP: I love your IG feed; it’s so light and fun while oozing with so much style. How do you keep it fun for yourself and not fall into the comparison trap?

JD: The comparison trap is so hard not to fall into. I have my moments of comparing and judging and feeling ugly. Luckily I have my husband to pull me out of it. The issue with Instagram is that we’re all comparing our behind the scenes with other people’s spot lights. I just have to take a step back sometimes and remind myself that no one is perfect even if their feed appears to be.

CP: (See what I mean? So real and refreshing!)

CP: what is your go to outfit for comfort and style?

JD: Hands down black ripped skinnies, my vans, a white tee and my leather jacket. I could wear that outfit for the rest of my life and be so happy:)

Julie DenbyJulie DenbyJulie DenbyJulie DenbyJulie DenbyJulie DenbyJulie Denby

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