Kid + Kind Fall Wear

If you’ve seen the numerous photos of my son on instagram then you can guess that Kid + Kind has stolen my heart for kids’s apparel. It’s like the designer Jackie can interpret the child’s imagination and make a fresh and artful tee out of it. Not only is she bringing consistent swoon-worthy tees to the table, she is the biggest sweetheart and has let no success go to her head. Through every instagram caption Kid + Kind writes you can tell she is genuinely grateful and having the best time making our kids look cute. So be sure to follow her @kindandkind and check out her new designs at

Here are some of our adventures with Waylon in Kid + Kind’s Sea-Pup T-Shirt, Star Raglan Pull-Over, and Snowfall Raglan Pull-Over.

Kid+Kind Fall WearKid + Kind Fall WearKid+Kind Fall WearKid+Kind3Kid+Kind Fall WearKid+Kind4Kid+Kind Fall WearKid+Kind6Kid+Kind7

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