Life Lately

My life lately has been mostly filled with moments of joy and baby bliss as well as some sleepless nights and end of day moments that I feel depleted with nothing left to give. I know all of these feelings are normal and that the bad ones will fade. I’m practicing the art of staying in the present with my children and soaking up daily moments instead of worrying about the day they move out or get married and leave me… ha ha!

Waylon is 3.5 now and growing into a rough and tumble little boy more each day. He loves preschool and I can tell he admires his teachers. He is still a firecracker with a fire alarm scream…everyone tells me that will go away someday and for me it can’t be soon enough. He loves being with friends and playing with his cousins or any random kid at the park or beach. His imagination is growing as well; I overhear his play conversations with Legos and action heros acting out scenes of justice, rescue or finding treasure. His speech is growing by leaps and bounds as well. He still has trouble with certain consonants but he gets his point across and now tells me to “knock it off” or “that he loves me”.

Ezekiel is 2 months old and smiling more each day. He loves tummy time and can actually role from his tummy to his back…I grew two crazy strong boys. Zeke still hates the car seat and cries that we abandoned him but I’m surprised by his self soothing ability and happy for that. He still has tons of hair that seems to get lighter at the roots each week and has us thinking he will be a toe head in a year. Each morning we have cooing conversations and he dances on my tummy. These are the days I’ll remember and life lately has been rich.

Life LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife LatelyLife Lately

Nursing Cover + Swaddle: Cover Me Ponchos, Yucca Changing Pad: Fawn and Cub, Honest Abe Tee on Waylon: Wee Rascals, Moses Basket: Plum + Sparrow, Pillows: Mae Woven

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