Links I love

Links I love

If you have time this weekend while you’re online I highly recommend these links; they caught my eyes and ears and just generally made me happy.

  • I binge listened to this podcast all week. Seriously Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcast is packed with power punch info for girl bosses of all kinds.
  • This Ray La Montagne video reminds me of dating my husband…good times.
  • I found the best Holiday Gift Guides on Shopbop….click here for more of that goodness.
  • I’ve been reading “The Giving Manger” to Waylon every night and it sets my heart right and his as well.
  • I was inspired by this organization and what they’re doing to end sex trafficking in Thailand and give girls a future. Check out; you can sponsor a girl and literally change her life for $30 a month.
  • Totally intrigued by this 50 min critics guide to touring the Met. New York I crave your culture and art museums!

Happy weekend friends.



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