Madewell vs. Target Try On

It’s  time for another #LEGITMOMTRYON!

I was in one of my favorite stores: MADEWELL with all 3 of my children, AHHHHHHH! I wanted to casually stroll through the store and see what was new, but alas 3 children do not really go hand in hand with perusing. Then I was struck with a fun a idea! What if I let me kid pick out an outfit for me? I gave them a mission which they gladly accepted, there were a few distractions along the way but I was quite impressed with what they picked out. The next idea was to find a similar outfit at another favorite store of mine, TARGET. We found almost the same outfit for a fraction of the price! Here’s the price breakdown:

Madewell Mom Uniform: $462

Target Mom Uniform: $103.42

Check out our Madewell vs. Target Try and links to the outfits below:


Happy Shopping!




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