Mama’s got muscles

Mama's Got MusclesBalance is something I’m always striving for in my life. I often find it very hard to balance being a mom, shop owner, blogger and marriage and family therapist…oh yeah and a wife! Something that has helped me in the past when I feel out of balance is to think of my life in 3 sections: 1) Spiritual, 2) Emotional and 3) Physical.  I’ll talk about the spiritual and emotional areas later but today I wanted to share how I physically find balance in life.

Our physical life should be made up of eating well and exercising. I don’t do this perfect at all, in fact I usually eat Waylon’s left overs from lunch for my own lunch. But I try to choose healthy choices when I can, which is what it’s all about. No need to start a diet or feel inferior cause you’re not a vegan and you love “In N Out”. I’ve tried all the fads for you in my past life B.W. (before Waylon) and trust me exercising at least 3 times a week and eating intuitively is the way to be.

Here are some ways I fit exercise into my life:

1) Start moving. Go for a walk around the neighborhood with the kids and then work up to running. I highly recommend getting a good jogging stroller like B.O.B. Waylon and I have run all over this country in ours and we love it. Our B.O.B. stroller is also a way to get him to nap when he’s being stubborn, which is a lot these days.

2) If you’re at the park with your kiddos bring some 5-8lb weights, a strength tube, and jump rope and do various exercises with each for 15-20reps/3 times.

3) Invest in a gym membership with good childcare.

4) Lastly, if you don’t have much time but want a killer amazing work out, follow my girl Katrina Necaise on You Tube for a workout that would cost $150 a session in L.A.

Here is my favorite video of her’s to do when I don’t want to run or haven’t the time for the gym. It’s amazing, enjoy!

Mama's Got MusclesMama's Got Muscles Mama's Got Muscles

*Top Image by Nike

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