Mom Uniform: Adding Details

On any given week day you can probably find me in workout clothes, possibly having worked out in them or trying to find a way to squeeze one in. However on those magical days that I seem to get a workout in early and have showered and changed my clothes you can find me in my “go to outfit” of boyfriend jeans- ripped to make me look like a “cool mom”, sandals, and white tee with a gigantic bag to hold the world for my children. I call this my mom uniform cause it’s comfy and casual yet (hopefully) gives off the vibe that I’m not trying to hard ha ha. Lately I’ve been trying to add more detail to my mom uniform, just for fun cause when you’re rocking snot and traces of breakfast on your left shoulder it’s nice to wear something delicate like this “margot” gold necklace from Natalie Borton or a fun neck scarf to make you feel special and somewhat fashionable. Here’s how I styled all the above with recommendations for where you can find  similar styles. Hope you enjoy and have a comfy and happy week!Mom Uniform: Adding Detail neckscarfMom Uniform: Adding Detail Mom Uniform: Adding Detail Mom Uniform: Adding Detail Mom Uniform: Adding Detail Mom Uniform: Adding Detail






Madre Shirt: Riley And Co. (click here for similar) // Boyfriend Jeans: Madewell (click here for similar) // Sandals: Tevas (click here for similar) // Bag: Happ Diaper Bags (click here for similar) // Sunglass: Madewell (click here for similar) // “Margot” Necklace by Natalie Borton (click here for similar) // Neckscarf: Madewell (click here for similar).

On Waylon:

Shirt: Tea Collection // Shorts: Hoonana Kids // Shoes: Tevas

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