Self Care + an Opportunity For Women

untitled-1-37If better self care is on your list of goals for this new year make a “girls night out” a part of your 2016 things to do. Something great happens when women get together…yes a lot of talking but dare I say healing too. We are creatures of catharsis. When I’m with my girls I vent, we discuss the difficulties of life, marriage, and motherhood. We lift each other up and encourage one another over a meal, wine, dessert and or shopping.  One of my most favorite nights out was spent with my mother and sister. We ate a nice local restaurant (sans husbands and kids) and when we were ready to head home used the Uber app to get a ride almost immediately. I was so impressed with how easy and fast and friendly our driver was. Below I got to hang out and get to know probably the nicest women around who happens to partner with UberGloria.
 I had the chance to learn a little more about Gloria and hear how driving with Uber in her retirement has helped her enjoy life more. I’m all for women in business and women doing what they love. Making ends meet can be rough so I wanted to share Gloria’s story to encourage women to get out there and do what they love and possibly try something new.
Gloria was a hard working director for the San Diego County Office of Education at a school for students with extreme behavioral and emotional disorders. She spent 35 years in a career serving special needs schools. To Gloria, it was a privilege developing a trusting relationship with students who had been injured both physically and emotionally from their environments, while offering them the help they needed to live productive lives.
After retiring, she felt she needed a rest and moved to Maui to live with her son and daughter in law. She spent some much-needed time taking care of her 2 year old granddaughter and living the (in her own words) “chill life” after such a difficult work environment.
Gloria eventually found herself back in San Diego living by the beach and waking up to the ocean on the mainland. She expresses, “the ocean keeps me in a calm space with a smile on my face every morning…I open the blinds and take in the surfers on the waves and the people walking by.”
I think its pretty sweet to see how Gloria can incorporate her previous skills from her former career in special education while partnering with Uber. She told me of a time she assisted a gentleman with a wheelchair, which was no problem for her but meant a great deal to this man and his family. Gloria told me of some other fun places she loves to drive around San Diego, including- the Gaslamp Quarters, airport, and Symphony and expressed that these places and the people she drives put a huge smile on her face. She expressed to me that the extra income of being a driver-partner with Uber allows her to travel more with the flexibility of working when she wants to.
It was great to get to know more about my community through Gloria’s eyes and learn how she is making the most out of retirement while sharing a way for women to earn money at any phase of life! Plus who wouldn’t want to get paid to drive around San Diego?! You can click here to sign up for an opportunity to partner with Uber.


 *This is a sponsored post for Uber

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