My 3 Step Process To Identifying Your Dream Job

Have you ever been jealous of someone that knew what they wanted?

I have!

I was actually jealous of my sister because when she was in college she knew what she wanted to do. She majored in nursing and got an amazing job as a neonatal intensive care nurse right out of college. Meanwhile her older sister (me) was an undecided major for 2 years… over the next 2 years I managed to change my major 4 more times: communications, graphic design, art and then photography. You’d think I would know my passion at that point but I didn’t. After college it took me years working in a job I didn’t like to learn that a steady paycheck and benefits didn’t fulfill me. I spoke to a career counselor and she put things into perspective for me; I needed to go back to school for psychology and become a therapist… and my career trajectory didn’t stop there.

While I loved being a therapist, the creative artist side of me was screaming for attention. I knew this because after a long day of seeing clients the last thing I wanted to do was read “The Therapist” magazine….nope not doing that, I wanted to read my “Vouge”.

It wasn’t until I followed my curiosities and gave into the things that lit me up on the inside that I found a career that fit my passions. I’m still very much in the process of following my curiosities; I don’t think I’ll ever be done discovering new passions and new things about myself. It’s a beautiful and challenging process but one that has been so full and profitable.

I wish someone told me this after I graduated college…

Here are 3 steps to identifying your dream job:

  1. Close your eyes and what is the first thing that comes to mind, note it and write it down. Imagine yourself as little girl or boy and ask that child what they want to be when then grow up, note it and write it down. Then ask your present self what sparks your curiosity right now, note it and write it down.
  2. Now that you’re centered write down all the things that make you curious and under each thing that makes you curious write down what about that thing is most fun, interesting or significant for you.
  3. Now prioritize those curiosities into your top 3! After prioritizing them start researching these jobs, ideas, hobbies… whatever is on your list just start researching what it would take to follow that idea. It’s not about the END goal right now it’s about the NEXT step. What is the next step you can take to follow that curiosity?

Here are some other ideas to help you then monetize your passion: identify the people that are doing what you want to do, follow them online, email them and ask them your questions. They might not answer but that’s okay you can still gain wisdom from learning how they started and what it is about what they produce that you are drawn to. Study these people that you look up to. Don’t compare yourself because you offer a different and unique voice and stamp on this. Just identify what it is about them and what they do that interests you the most and write that down.

For example, I look up to Jenna Kutcher: marketing entrepreneur, photographer, mother and podcast host. I see a lot of things in her career that are similar to my own but I know I bring to the table something different. What value about her work is that she is creates beautiful content that is brave and vulnerable, aesthetically pleasing and is is ultimately helping women thrive in life and in their careers. Writing out what I admire in Jenna helps me to pin point what I can and want to offer others in my own career.

So now it’s your turn! Who do you admire and why. Write down as many people that come to mind and get as detailed as possible.

Now you’re on your way to finding your dream job! You might not have the exact job title yet but you’re learning to follow your curiosities with courage and that will always lead you to PASSION!

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With Grace & Gratitude,


My 3 Step Process To Identifying Your Dream Job

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