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We started giving the baby solids this week because he wants to eat everything I’m eating and tries to rip food out of my hand or sneak it from his older brother. This article is really informational when deciding if your baby is ready for solid food.Links I love

I bought this dress for my birthday and want to wear it everyday since. It’s magic I tell ya. I posted a pic on Instagram and everyone immediately loved it. I think it’s the crazy beautiful color combination and the way it lays on the female form. It’s a winner and should be on your “must” list for spring.

Links I love

This is the healthiest and most balanced assistant to weight loss that I’ve found. Of course I still work out and eat healthy the majority of the time, but this combo of vitamins and supplements has helped me maintain healthy blood sugar levels and blood pressure so I don’t get super hungry or tired….unless I’m up all night nursing ha ha. I hate to diet or use meal replacements so check this combo out if you’re anything like me and want to lose weight or inches and need a little help.

My Top Weekly Links

This activity was so easy and fun. I love that he can put his empathy magnet up in our house and be reminded of the things we talked about while making it and the people we can have empathy for. Also in this kit are felt flowers you can make and give to someone you have empathy for. My sister is currently in the hospital due to her water breaking at 21 weeks pregnant. Waylon made his flowers for her and every time he saw a flower through out the day he would gasp, “Oh mom look at those flowers! Auntie Em would love them; we should send them to her.” It made my heart swell.

Links I loveLinks I love

I was invited to a brunch this week to celebrate the launch of Petunia Pickle Bottom’s gorgeous new solids collection and let me tell you…these handbags are chic and timeless… not to mention very practical for women on the go. It’s my favorite line Denai (Designer at Petunia Pickle Bottom) has created yet. They also gifted me with a code to give to you all for a free Wanderlust Wallet in Breakfast in Berkshire with a $75 purchase on Use code: COLORBLOCK through 4/10/16.

Links I loveLinks I loveLinks I loveLinks I love

  1. My Favorite Sandal for Spring: Target

Top Weekly Links

Hope you all had a wonderful week!

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