Neve and Hawk

Saturday morning we broke out of the usual routine of pancakes, cartoons, lazy reading, and getting our feet sandy. Waylon, the bump, and I played models for Neve and Hawk clothing brand. I must say I wondered if they knew what they were getting into when they asked us to take photos in their clothing; Waylon being a slight challenge (or just a busy boy) and me with my growing body and neurosis of finding anything less than perfect about it. I’m learning to accept the changes in my body over the years, especially over the last 7 months, affirming myself that I am the way God made me and that allowing my body to grow in order to support the life that grows inside me is something quite beautiful.

When I met Kris, the designer of Neve and Hawk, I was wrapped in a comforting hug from a women who knows the daily challenges of motherhood. Not only are her designs unique and beautiful, her dresses slid over my body and bump like silver. The creativity Kris has for making children and women look and feel beautiful is a gift and she does it all with the most down-to-earth attitude. Seriously check out their “about” page it’s pretty great.

They will be launching their women’s line soon but for now head over to to shop their incredible children’s line.

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*Photos by the talented Lucia Tran of Zooey Magazine.

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