Paper Stockings DIY

The “Clark Griswold” in me came out early this year. I might be premature in my decorating since it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m on a quest to enjoy Christmas and make it last as long as I can this year.  After all, it’s our first Christmas in our first home.

This DIY is simple and fast; you can even have the kiddos help.

Step 1: 

Pick out paper that represents your style or each person’s personality in your family, oh and don’t forget to get a different piece for the top of the stocking (Paper Source has the best selection by far).

Once you’re ready to begin, sketch out a stocking template on cardboard and cut it out to trace both sides on paper.

Paper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIY


Step 2:

Put both sides of stocking tother and punch holes about an inch apart.

Paper Stocking DIY


Step 3:

Thread through twine, string or ribbon to attached both sides of stocking and then tie a knot at both ends. Lastly, glue  on the top part of stocking.

Paper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIY


Step 4: 

Hang up on the wall with Wasabi tape or on a hook over the mantle, just not too close to the fire. 😉

Paper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIYPaper Stocking DIY


 Happy Thanksgiving and ma liki liki maka!

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