Richelle Cote

Its a sweet thing when you meet a likeminded person who views life similarly. The wonderful app of Instagram brought me and this stylish mama together. We met up one day in San Diego, ate bread and sipped Iced tea on a picnic blanket and let the kids run after each other…pretty perfect afternoon for making new friends if you ask me. Meet Richelle Cote, wife, mama of two (Zoe 3, Jude 1) and creator of Neighborhood Collective.

One of my favorite things about Richelle is her love for connection with others and her drive to create it. After becoming a mother she found it harder to make meaningful relationships with other women so she created a way to do so with Neighborhood Collective, a host company for creative gatherings in the San Diego area.

In her own words…”As a mother, I felt something was missing. I desired a real connection with women that shared the same passions as I did. After sharing my feelings with a few close friends, I discovered this was a common desire among many women.  There were others that wanted a time and place where they could connect and make relationships with those that shared their love of fashion, food and art.
I wanted to create gatherings that could bring us all together. One creative meeting place to do what we all love! Talk, create, and be inspired by interesting individuals that share a common thread.”

I had the pleasure of photographing Richelle with her kids doing what they love.

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