Sarah Holstrom

It’s safe to say that social media has infiltrated almost everyone’s life these days. Yes, there is a down side to social media and it’s also true that it can add to our insecurities, but if we just look at the negative we’re missing the point of how it brings us together as humans and opens up communities and forges friendships that would not have been. Instagram is one of the ways that I have met some of the most encouraging and inspiring and stylish mamas around. Sarah Holstrom is one of these lovely ladies and I think you should know her. I love the way she illustrates motherhood and life with her beautiful kiddos. Check out our conversation on life and follow her story: Blog // Perri & Bear , Instagram // @sarahholstrom.

Sarah Holstrom

CP: How would you describe yourself and your family in a few words?

SH: We are a crew of wild and crazy lovers! We love Jesus and others and everything else sorta just falls into place!

CP: You have a beautiful blog and you radiate positivity. What was your motivation to start blogging and what do you hope people get from reading it?
SH: Wow. Thank you! Vulnerability is hard for me. I struggle with putting myself out there but I also envied other people’s ability to be brave and take the leap so I finally closed my eyes real tight and jumped in! My goal has always been “to be know” not necessarily to the masses but to the people who follow along. I hope to share my heart, my loves, and my struggles in an attempt to break down walls and let communication flow openly and honestly. Plus I love documenting our life and it’s nice to have a clean space to store it all!

CP: What is the best thing about being a mama?
SH: Getting up in the morning and going into their rooms and seeing them for the first time each day! My heart races with excitement as the door cracks open and they jump into my arms and we smother each other in kisses!

CP: How would you describe your style and what is your go to outfit to feel comfy but stylish too?
SH: This is a tough question for me. I don’t work well with labels I think my style has always been pretty eclectic. I don’t like being pinned down to any one thing. Femininity has always been big for me but I me enjoying mixing it up with some more edgy stuff. I rock my cut offs on the daily and love a summer dress with a leather jacket layered on top for evenings.

CP: What has been the best advice on raising children that you have ever received?
SH: “Your children are not a reflection of you- they are their own person.” My kids are wild but that is not because of a lack of structure it’s because they are kids with big opinions and loud voices and though I’m sure people often want to shush them we need kids like them to grow up and become adults like that! We need people who fight for what is right and make their voices heard! I’m proud of my game changers!

CP: What was the last act of kindness that someone showed to you?
SH: Just yesterday my husband cleaned the whole kitchen without being asked or saying a word.

CP: Favorite recipe?
SH: Questions like this simultaneously embarrass me and inspire me! Cooking is so not my favorite and I’m really feeling the weight of that necessary change coming! Ask me again in a few months! I’ll be ready then!

CP: What has been the most challenging thing you’ve had to deal with in being a mother?
SH: Saying no. I’m a yes person. If you ask me if I can help out or be somewhere I say yes. If my mom says this is how it’s done, I do it. Being a mama has challenged me to think before answering and form opinions that reflect my heart and our parenting style.

CP: Your photos on Instagram are so beautiful and inspiring; What do you use to edit them and what do you think makes a good IG photo?
SH: Oh man! Thank you! The PicTapGo app is hands down my fave! I love the brightness and clarity I can achieve with it! Instagram for me is really a creative outlet and my kids are my favorite subjects.

CP: What is currently on our musical rotation lately?
SH: I’ve been feeling very nostalgic as of late and I’ve got Death Cab and Jenny Lewis on repeat.

Sarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah HolstromSarah Holstrom



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