Sight To Be Seen

Sight To Be SeenI’ve worn glasses (now contacts) since I was 3 years old. Exhibit A below…my first day of preschool with my best friend (we’re still best friends today).Sight To Be SeenWhen EyeBuyDirect asked Waylon and I to pick out some of our favorite spectacles I was thrilled. I also had a flash back to my days in Kindergarten when I was terrified of losing my glasses; back then glasses where much more expensive…hopefully I’m not dating myself too much here ha ha! Even at a young age I knew how valuable they were. Eye glasses are still valuable and offer true sight to so many kids who need them. Thankfully Waylon didn’t inherit my bad eye sight yet…he just passed his 4 year old check up with flying colors. However, today companies like EyeBuyDirect  are making it possible for everyone to afford stylish and quality glasses while giving back to those in need.

From their website: “At EyeBuyDirect, we accept the social responsibility to aid in providing vision correction for everyone. Our vertically integrated business model allows us to sell quality eyeglasses starting at just $6. By eliminating retail costs, we can make better vision accessible to everyone and every budget. In addition to creating value with our affordable glasses, we regularly donate time and products to non-profit organizations that share our values. Organizations we frequently partner with include Lions Clubs International. Feed the Children, and KHISH (Kurtz Humanitarian Initiative for Southern Honduras).”

Here are some of our favorite glasses for wee ones!

Sight To Be SeenSight To Be Seen


Sight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be Seen

I’m wearing “Theory“, the adult version of the “Little Chilling“…matching glasses…too cute!

Sight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be Seen

Sight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be Seen


Sight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenSight To Be SeenThey also have great sunglasses that won’t break your budget! These “Penelope’s” are my new favs.

*If you don’t need glasses but want to know how you can help change a child’s life visit

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