Spring Memories

The last 4 weeks have been a month of celebrations. I turned 33, My grandmother turned 90, Waylon turned 3, we celebrated Easter with family and friends, and we found out we’re having another boy!  We celebrated Waylon turning 3 years old by having a few friends and family members over. I have to be honest, I started planning a big party for him and then had that motherly intuition that it wasn’t a good idea. I knew it would be overwhelming for us all and I foresaw the temper tantrums so I canceled the huge party and it felt so right. I realized that he doesn’t need a blow out birthday party every year and that sometimes getting a few people together to eat hot dogs and baked potatoes is the sweet spot.

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My friend Richelle from Neighborhood Collective and I threw a last minute Easter egg hunt together at Balboa Park and it was a crazy fun blast. Ducks, donuts, fish, new friends, and hunting for egg treasures was a highlight.

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On Easter Sunday we had a wonderful time at church and then lunch with family and another great egg hunt for the kiddos.

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