Stay Positive

Life is filled with uncontrollable things such as: the stock market, when you will meet the man of your dreams, how your hair will turn out after trying a new stylist, your kid throwing a fit at the store, a car accident…you fill in the blank. What I practice in therapy with my clients is that you may not have control over negative thoughts and insecurities (cause come on we all have them); you do have control over what you do with them. What I mean is that we have control over how much we dwell on the negative. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts and I know cause I’ve been there and tend to go there frequently, but what I’m working on and challenging myself to do is stay positive. I’m looking for the positive things in my life because I have that power and so do you. For example, today my son was a terror and screamed like I was kidnapping him pretty much wherever we went. It bummed me out and made me think all sorts of negative thoughts about my parenting, how others view me, and what’s wrong with my son! Tonight as I reflect and change some of these thoughts I’m choosing to focus on the truth, he’s two, he’s independent and meeting milestones, I’m a loving mother, and at the end of the night he sits in my lap and cherishes me while I read him the story “Love You Forever”.  Those are the moment and thoughts I’m taking with me and I’m throwing the negative ones away.

Okay I’ll lighten things up now, I also think that what we wear can play a big part in how we feel. I love wearing clothing that make me feel good in my body, happy in my heart, positive in my mind and perhaps reminds me of a special time or place. Below I styled some clothing that makes me feel just that.

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Tees: Mulberry Press Co, Jeans, Skirt, Necklace, Bag: Madewell, Waylon’s Cords: Peek Kids, Hat: Brixton.

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