Episode 58

How To Be Sexy As A Mother

So you wanna know how to feel sexy again and keep the flame alive in your relationship?

Enter Brooke Christian the woman that is helping other women and mothers tap back into their sexy. In Episode 58 we talk about some taboo topics that frankly shouldn’t be taboo because we all deserve to feel sexy and have good sex. Brooke gives us her top tips for bringing out your inner sexy. Earmuff the kids and press play!

This episode was recorded before COVID-19 changed all of our lives so some of the information might not be immediately applicable but I believe this topic is VERY timely as so many of our relationships have been strained in quarantine and SEX is the last thing we want to do when bickering or hanging around our partner allllllll day.

This episode is liberating in so many ways. I hope you enjoy!

You can find out more about Brooke Christian by clicking here.