Episode 59

Trauma, Bodily Wisdom and Nonlinear Movement With Michaela Boehm

In this episode of Sure, Babe I have a full circle moment interviewing my “Nonlinear Movement” teacher Michaela Boehm. I share all about my experience with trauma and anxiety and share how this particular method changed my life.

Michaela teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality. She combines degrees in psychology and extensive clinical experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder. Michaela is known for her work with high-performing individuals, her ongoing private clients include Oscar-winning actors, producers, business pioneers, and multiple Grammy-winning musicians.

Today we talk all about the wisdom our bodies hold, how we can get in touch with that wisdom and how we can move trauma through our bodies.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

If you’re interested in booking a nonlinear movement session with me please email me at chrissypowersmft@gmail.com.

With Grace and Love,