Swim 101

Swim 101It’s finally summer and that means we are in or around water at lot! Waylon our 4 year old is such a fish that we have to give him multiple count-downs and bribes to get him out of the pool or ocean. Our family has much love for the water; but Sam and I were taught as children that you have to respect it. Lately we have been feeling that our boys need to have a healthy relationship with the water. We don’t want them to fear it but respect it and know the rules of water safety. This lesson with Sunsational Swim came at the perfect time. Emily our swim instructor met us at a pool and “jumped right in” teaching Waylon the basics of pool safety and swimming 101.  Before this lesson our big boy had been using water wings or life jacket, but during this lesson he used none and loved every minute of it. One of the most important tips I learned during his lesson was to teach my children to always ask if I’m watching them before they get into any water. Emily taught Waylon before he dipped his toe into the water to look me in the eye and say, “mom are you watching me?” Once I said yes he could get into the water. Here is an invaluable water safety checklist provided by Sensational Swim… you can also visit their site and book a lesson here.

Swim 101Swim 101Swim 101Swim 101Swim 101Swim 101Swim 101Parent-Caregiver Checklist.pdf-1

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