The Early Early Holiday Gift Guide

It’s a Christmas miracle in early November… I finished Christmas shopping for my kids and because I know they are sneaky little guys I wrapped them already as well!

I’m not trying to toot my own horn here but man it feels so good and I’m even more excited for the holiday season. I feel like finishing all the shopping in November is going to allow me to enjoy all the seasonal festivities and reason for the season even more.  Plus we’re hoping and praying to finish our home before Christmas so our potential move in date definitely contributed to me finishing my Christmas shopping early.

How did I accomplish this holiday feat you might ask? Good question because it’s actually very out of character for me to be this prepared ha ha. The day after Halloween Sam looked at me and said in his serious voice, “You better get your Christmas shopping done because of supply chain issues. Accounting to Business Insider:

 Retailers and logistics experts have warned that supply-chain problems will make certain items more expensive or difficult to obtain this holiday season. They’re urging people to start shopping early, well beforeBlack Friday, if they want to ensure they have presents — and a tree to put them underSupply-chain disruptions have really been impacting the retail industry since the start of the pandemic,” Katherine Cullen, National Retail Federation‘s senior director of industry and consumer insights, told Insider.

We know this issue well as we’ve been building a house during the pandemic. So I had my kids put their initials next to their favorite toys in the Target catalog and then hit up my Target app, Amazon and Geppetto’s Toy Store on my lunch break one day. I feel like I need to take a moment and honor my mom and her generation of mother’s that actually had to spend weeks pounding the mall pavement to shop for their kids during the holidays. All the praise hands to the power walking shoppers of the 80’s and 90’s because all I had to do was mostly shop with my fingers on my phone. PS. Geppetto’s Toy Store will wrap your presents for free! I’m carrying on my mom’s tradition; I pick a different wrapping paper for each kids and wrap all their presents in that paper.

Hopefully this post helps you get your shopping done early so you can enjoy the more season as well!

The Early Early Holiday Gift Guide


The Early Early Holiday Gift Guide


The Early Early Holiday Gift Guide

And just for fun I curated a holiday wishlist for his and her with items Sam and I love.

For Her:


For Him:

Happy Holidays! Remember to breathe and try to savor the present moment.


With hope & love,


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