The Give Joy Project

The Give Joy ProjectLast weekend Sam and I went to Home Depot as a family of 5 looking for a new edition for our outdoor Christmas decor. While shopping we were told twice that we had our “hands full”. Later that day at the beach while wrangling 5 boys (Waylon and Zeke + my nephews) and carrying Ruby on the rocky jetty a couple told us to “love em while they’re young, pretty soon it’ll be just you two.” I was so tired I couldn’t fake a sentimental sigh or laugh, so I smiled at them and said, “I can’t wait.” Ha ha of course I was kidding but If one more person told me to “savor the moment” or that I “had my hands full” my eyes might roll to the back of my head and stay there.

These strangers usually mean well with their sentiments, however I can’t help but think how much better it would do my heart to hear an “you’re doing a good  job mama” instead of “wow your hands are full.”

So in the spirit of this season I thought it would be great to spread joy in a simple and fun way. I created a free downloadable PDF to print/cut out and carry around to hand out to a random parent, person or your local barista just to tell them they’re doing a good job.

Use these cards however you please as well as the hashtag #thegivejoyproject2018 so everyone can see the ripples of good going out into the world.

I’m so excited about this project and I hope it spreads like around like a Fortnite dance cause apparently those are all the rage on the playground and every kid from here to China knows about them..I still don’t get it by the way.

To download the “GIVE JOY” cards for free click the link below or hey make your own if you want! Just spread joy and encouragement this season however you can.

The Give Joy Project

The Give Joy Project

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