The Great Beyond: Bamboo Dress


The Great Beyond: Bamboo Dress

It was love when I first slipped this dress over my 16 week bump. This week I could literally feel baby growing and sadly my jean shorts won’t zip up anymore. When this beautiful and simple Luna bamboo dress came in the mail it was not too soon!

The Great Beyond creates bamboo clothing for the stylish and confident woman. Designed in Queensland, Australia this brand references a classic style that fits into every woman’s lifestyle. These eco-friendly threads are luxurious and compliment any environment.

I wasn’t too knowledgeable on sustainable bamboo clothing until I came to know The Great Beyond. Here’s some info found on their site about this amazing fabric.

Clothing made of bamboo is extremely soft, durable and luxuriously comfortable. As a textile, bamboo is renowned for it’s many unique features and impressive environmental benefits.

Breathable and thermo-regulating: Feels great to wear in every season. Keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Moisture Wicking: High moisture absorption and evaporation keeps you dry and comfortable when you are active or when the weather gets hot and humid.

Kind to sensitive skin: Because of the smooth and round structure of its fibers, bamboo clothing is soft and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin.

Easy Care: Crease resistant, colour fast and low shrinkage. Gentle warm wash and cool iron if needed will ensure long term colour clarity and perfect fit.

Sustainable: Bamboo is naturally prolific and resilient. It grows to maturity in 3-4 years and once harvested, can replenish itself within a year. It does not require intensive irrigation and thrives without need of pesticides or fertilisers.

Eco Restorative: Growing Bamboo improves soil quality and helps rebuild eroded soil. It’s extensive root system prevents erosion, and retains water in the watershed.

100% biodegradable: Ultimately bamboo clothing will simply return to the earth with minimal environmental impact.

I’m sold and also wearing this dress all summer!

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On Me // Bamboo Luna Dress: The Great Beyond, Necklace: Lolli + Jo, Hat: Forever 21 Men’s, Bracelet: Madewell, Sunnies: Kenneth Cole, Boots: H&M

On Waylon // Tee: Wild + Bear, Shorts: Mag + Pie, Shoes H&M

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