The Healing Book Club You Need!

Hi Friend,
I’m happy you’re here. Being a human is hard right? I mean have you ever been yourself before? No, you haven’t. This is the first time you have ever been you! There is no book or education on how to do life perfectly, probably because that’s impossible and boring. I’m happy to report that there is help and information out there. Today’s thought leaders and professionals are creating some of the best resources in the journey to becoming our best and living better. As the mental health stigma keeps declining more and more of us are waking up to the idea that life can be better and that we don’t have to suffer alone in our struggles.

I’ve created a wellness related book club called, the “Sure Babe Healing Book Club” and I’m so happy you want to be a part of it. Often times when I read a book that changes my life I just want to share it with everyone and talk about it so that I can integrate it better. Integration, according to Jung, is the process during which both the individual and collective unconscious are integrated into the personality. Integration is a positive psychological development that indicates psychological maturity and may help an individual move past negative habits. So in layman’s terms it means that we read the book and put it into action in 0ur own lives.

What better way to get the most out of a good book then sharing about it and asking questions together as a group….
I’m excited for this! I’m excited for you! I’m exited to grow with you!

To join the club (which is free by the way) fill in your info above and it will send you a link to our first group meeting via Zoom on April 29th at 5:00pm PST.  Check in with me on @chrissyjpowers Instagram weekly for updates and thoughts on “HOW TO DO THE WORK” by Dr. Nicole LePera.

The Healing Book Club You Need!

With hope & healing,



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