The Powers Place Update!

In a few months it will have been 2 years since we broke ground on our home. We were on a roll and full speed ahead when COVID hit last year and pause our project for 6 months. There were tears and lots of restratigizing….fast forward to today as we’re trucking back along building our house brick by brick. Sam is doing most of the work on the house by himself with the occasional subcontractor here while he does morning homeschool and daddy day care when I’m at work seeing clients in my private practice. Things have definitely flipped upside down since 2020 but we’re navigating our new roles well and finding a new level of patience we didn’t know existed. Click HERE to watch an updated progress video for #thepowersplace and below for our first two house videos.


Honestly one of the most challenging things has been waiting to decorate…. I love a good electrical and water tie in but come one and let’s get to the part where I get to put gorgeous items in our house! A month ago one of my favorite home shops West Elm launched their Insiders program which Sam and I got to be a part of! Together we picked out some of our favorite things that we would put into our home and you can SHOP IT ALL! Click HERE to check out our West Elm Shop.

And just for fun here are some of our favorite things that will soon have a home in our new home #thepowersplace:

The Powers Place Update!

The Powers Place Update!

Shop more of our style HERE!


We’re currently working on the tile for our master bathroom and the water tie in so we can get electricity and plumbing to the house but we’ll update you all soon when more things happen over on #thepowersplace!


Chrissy & Sam

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