Life is messy and beautiful and brutal.


Through my unconventional approach of mind-body connection and embodiment practices, clients have unlocked trauma and shame, gained more clarity and creativity to live the life they want to live, and come back their authentic selves. It’s my honor to walk side by side with others through the pain and joy of life; I consider it my calling.

I love meeting people where they’re at while creating a safe space to explore change and healing.​

It’s my intention to help you find hope and healing wherever you are at. My approach is an inquiry approach as I feel that we know more than we think we do. If we are able to understand and honor our intuition we are more inline with our true self.

my specialty

Female Issues



Working Moms

Women finding their voice

Purity Culture

Narcissism Abuse

Divine Feminine Work


treatment areas



PTSD / Trauma


Work / Career




Grief / Loss

About Your Guide

Chrissy Powers is

many things..

She is a licensed family and marriage therapist, photographer, creative coach, lifestyle blogger, podcast host, writer, wife, mother of three, an online educator, an influencer on social media, and so much more. Because of her huge following, she has been hired by several brands to do endorsements. Chrissy has written about relationships, motherhood, travel, style, personal growth, and life in Southern California. While she loves many things, her true passion is to empower others to unveil their passion.

Therefore, she put together a course that can help people learn how to remove the negative barriers holding them back from living a calming, embodied life.

You ready?

You're ready.

This is what we are about

My Therapeutic Approach

I’m a trauma-informed licensed marriage and family therapist #84340. I’m trained in Experiential Therapy (Experiential therapy is a type of therapy that allows clients to use expressive tools, activities, and other methods to heal specific situations from the past and present), Nonlinear Movement, and EMDR. I consider it my life’s calling to hold space for people on their healing journey.

What makes me unique is that I have been to my own dark places and I’m committed to learning and growing into my fullest self. I spent most of my life trying to be “good enough” not realizing I already was. That distorted thought was rooted deep in my psyche which manifested in: anxiety, panic disorder, depression, anorexia, binge-eating disorder and catastrophic thinking. I love to share my personal story of healing and how I found freedom and released shame around my sensuality, sexuality and fear of death.

I’ve found freedom and healing on the other side of pain and mental health issues and have learned I was never broken.. You’re not broken either… Your courage to heal is evidence of that. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Individual therapy

Doing your own inner work is so rewarding, life changing and endlessly beneficial. It takes so much courage to reach out for help when you need support or want to go deeper in personal growth. Investing in your soul is THE MOST valuable thing you can give to yourself and to your relationships. My specialties for individual therapy are depression, trauma, and anxiety. Here are some ways I work

Areas of treatment

Therapy for depression and anxiety

Conflict in family relationships

Helping individuals understand and heal from their past

Feeling stuck – In life or in a relationship

Heal from emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual abuse

PTSD / Trauma

Guiding individuals through grief and loss

Work/Career issues and relationships

Questions around purpose and calling

Navigating transitions into adulthood

Spiritual struggles

Dating and relationship issues


Motherhood and parenting issues


I reserve a few slots in my private practice for teletherapy sessions. These live video therapy sessions are offered to anyone in the State of California, allowing accessibility and convenience when it’s hard to get into the office. I use a secure HIPAA platform (Simple Practice) to conduct these video sessions.

The Embodied Woman Program

Engage in deep somatic release and learning. Connect with your body and emotions. Receive practical exercises and techniques to help you release trauma patterns into flow, open access to bodily wisdom, smooth out your nervous system and identify and process emotions.

The Non-linear Movement Method® (NLMM)* is a practice in which one uses movement to move what they feel. It’s an embodiment exercise that allows oneself to become more sensitized to their body and mind and increase intimacy with oneself.

The NLMM allows the body to unfreeze areas where trauma might be held while staying energetically and physically grounded. The primary techniques of NLMM are: Moving What You Feel, Release, Calling In, and Pleasure Practice (don’t worry this isn’t what you think it might be! “Pleasure Practice” is the practice of becoming fully alive in your body.)

Areas of treatment

Private Community to Process with and Support Throughout the Program

8 NLMM Classes led by Chrissy

Downloadable PDF Worksheets

*NLMM is safe for pregnant and disabled persons but as always if you have questions about your health and abilities please consult your doctor first.





do you offer payment plans?

We do! You can purchase the course for just 4 payments of $99. We want the information we share in these videos and PDFs to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve created payment options to empower you to take the first step towards living your dream.

what's your refund policy?

We believe in this content so much that we’re willing to offer a 15-day 100% money back guarantee. If after two weeks you find the course just isn’t doing it for you, let us know. We’re all about setting you up for success.

how long will it take me to do this course?

You can go through this course at whatever pace is best for you. You could blitz through it in a couple of days, but we highly recommend taking your time with it. Spend a few weeks, or even a few months digging into the content and engaging in the self-discovery process.

once i've purchased the course, what happens?

We will email your link to access the course. All of the videos, PDFs, and additional resources will be ready and waiting for you! If you don’t get your link, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

wil i receive everything for my course at once?

Yes you will. Some people like to move slow, and others want to binge-learn Netflix style, so we’ve provided all of the material to you up front.

how long will i have access ot the content?

As long as you want. Once the course is yours, it’s yours forever.

can i gift the course to someone else?

You can! Once you purchase the course, contact us and let us know the name and email of the person you’d like to share it with. We’ll send the link to them so they can access it from wherever they are.

how do i know if this course is right for me?

Intuition is a powerful tool. We believe that if this course is right for you, you’ll know. But to give you a hint: If you want to discover your true voice and passions, work from home, grow your influence, and make money doing what you love, then this course is right for you. If you’re still not sure, contact us! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about what’s included and who it’s for. Plus, we offer a 100% 15-day money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not a good fit, there’s no risk!

will this course really help me __________?
Yes. It will help you:

  • Find your creative voice
  • Discover what you really want and what makes you unique
  • Learn the tips and tricks for making money as an influencer
  • Step up your photography game
  • Overcome obstacles keeping you from doing what you love
do i need any __________ exprience to buY this course?

None at all, in any way. You can be an established business or a brand new dreamer. This course will guide you into more passion and profitability no matter where you are on the journey.

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