Life is messy and beautiful and brutal.

I believe our bodies tell us important information and we need to listen to its unspoken voice.

Through my unconventional approach of mind-body connection and embodiment practices, clients have unlocked trauma and shame, gained more clarity and creativity to live the life they want to live, and come back their authentic selves. It’s my honor to walk side by side with others through the pain and joy of life; I consider it my calling.

I love meeting people where they're at while creating a safe space to explore change and healing.​

It’s my intention to help you find hope and healing wherever you are at. My approach is an inquiry approach as I feel that we know more than we think we do. If we are able to understand and honor our intuition we are more inline with our true self.

My Specialty

Treatment Areas

Individual Therapy

Doing your own inner work is so rewarding, life changing and endlessly beneficial. It takes so much courage to reach out for help when you need support or want to go deeper in personal growth. Investing in your soul is THE MOST valuable thing you can give to yourself and to your relationships. My specialties for individual therapy are depression, trauma, and anxiety. Here are some ways I work

Areas of Treatment


I reserve a few slots in my private practice for teletherapy sessions. These live video therapy sessions are offered to anyone in the State of California, allowing accessibility and convenience when it’s hard to get into the office. I use a secure HIPAA platform (Simple Practice) to conduct these video sessions.

Non-Linear Movement Method® Anxiety & Trauma Release program

Engage in deep somatic release and learning. Connect with your body and emotions. Receive practical exercises and techniques to help you release trauma patterns into flow, open access to bodily wisdom, smooth out your nervous system and identify and process emotions.

The Non-linear Movement Method® (NLMM)* is a practice in which one uses movement to move what they feel. It’s an embodiment exercise that allows oneself to become more sensitized to their body and mind and increase intimacy with oneself.

The NLMM allows the body to unfreeze areas where trauma might be held while staying energetically and physically grounded. The primary techniques of NLMM are: Moving What You Feel, Release, Calling In, and Pleasure Practice (don’t worry this isn’t what you think it might be! “Pleasure Practice” is the practice of becoming fully alive in your body.)

What's included in the program

*NLMM is safe for pregnant and disabled persons but as always if you have questions about your health and abilities please consult your doctor first.

Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.

Brene Brown