This Ones For The Girls

This One's For The GirlsIt’s said that after a woman gives birth she is also born anew. Postpartum is a sacred time where both mother and child need to be attended to with love and grace…. my therapist reminded me of this and her words echo in my mind when I get overwhelmed with all the “stuff” I put on my plate, “don’t mess with this sacred time.” Which brings me to what I’m doing to take care of myself….

After my third pregnancy with Ruby something unique happened in me. Simultaneously a chapter was closed and a chapter was opened. I knew she marked the last of my childbearing years, which is met with relief and also a little heartache. But amongst the diaper changes, healing birthing wounds, fluctuating weight, night time nursing and keeping three human beings alive…. I started to focus again more on who I am not just a mother but a WOMAN.

Growing and giving birth to 3 humans is by far one of my greatest accomplishments so what better way to celebrate the closing of this chapter than taking care of my nether region. Let me just preface this with some facts that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT…. after you have a baby things sort of go back to how they were before…. hopefully I’m not freaking out anyone out here ha ha. I actually got in the best shape of my life after I had my first child but I still experienced some adverse changes. Read this article by about the 7 ways your vagina might change after you give birth…it’s very insightful.

I’m a little nervous about posting this but I’m talking about this subject because I believe every woman deserves to hear about how she can improve her pelvic floor. One of biggest issues I’ve had since bearing 3 children is incontinence at the worst moments. I mean I don’t think there’s really an opportune moment to pee yourself but make me laugh, sneeze or jump on a trampoline and I wet myself….not fun. When the team at Remedi Plastic Surgery reached out to me and told me about their noninvasive ThermiVa treatment to tighten and tone your pelvic floor and restore youth to your lady bits I said where do I sign up?!This Ones For The Girls

I had no idea that such a treatment existed for women hence my reason for sharing it with you now. I was in and out of the office with no downtime and it starts working immediately. By using radiofrequency energy, skin is heated to stimulate and re-build your body’s own collagen, naturally. The benefits to this treatment are many, including helping resolve that nasty incontinence that most of us mamas suffer from. Here’s a short video you have to watch on feminine restoration!

Three cheers for noninvasive feminine restoration am I right?! Put that on your list for a push present! Seriously it usually costs around $3,000 to have a baby if there are no complications, so why not also invest almost the same amount into restoring your beautiful body that did so much for you and your family…you FREAKIN deserve it! Click here to meet the wonderful team from Remedi Plastic Surgery and schedule a consult. I can’t speak more highly of everyone there, they were so warm and welcoming and informative. (I’ll be updating this post when I compete the 3 sessions of ThermiVa.)This Ones For The Girls

I also have to share about Microneedling. I’ve struggle with melasma for 7+ years and making babies only made it worse. If you’re breastfeeding many laser and topical treatments are off limits but microneedling is permitted and actually works wonders to treat melasma, uneven skin tone, scars, wrinkles and large pores. Microneedling is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. I can honestly tell you it didn’t hurt a bit, I almost fell asleep during the procedure. They numb your face beforehand so it’s generally pain free. Some individuals might feel a little discomfort but I guess after you experience childbirth your threshold for discomfort is pretty dang high.This Ones For The Girls


This Ones For The Girls

Right After The Treatment:

This Ones For The Girls

This Ones For The Girls


Three Days After Treatment:

This Ones For The GirlsThis Ones For The GirlsThis Ones For The Girls

I’m already very happy with my results and the recovery was so minimal. I’ll be posting updates on how it’s helping heal my melasma. I hope this post was informative and empowering to all you wonderful women reading it.

*Special thanks to Remedi Plastic Surgery for allowing me to experience ThermiVa and Microneedling. Featured image by Georgia O’Keeffe.



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