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A morning with Waylon and Tink & Key

This “Train em Up” pullover is one of my favorites; every time I pull it over my son’s head and feed his arms through the proper holes it reminds me of the great task I have to teach him and guide him in the right way. Sometimes this job called “mom” is the most daunting thing, but I’m in it and have to chose guidance over guilt, patience over freaking out (but that does happen),  and trust over doubting my abilities. This is a slow learning process that I’m convinced can only be done through experience and community of likeminded mothers.

Tink & Key is the home to “The Miracle Baby Tee” and was started as a way to encourage other families during difficult times such as premature birth and other life-threatening illness affecting babies and children. Every month they give 10% of their profits to a non-profit that goes to helping families and babies.

Please head over to their site tinkandkey.com and read their inspiring story and check out their adorable tees and accessories.

Tink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & KeyTink & Key

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