#TogetherWeMother: Self Love

#TogetherWeMother: Self-LoveI love this series so much. I’ve been writing on the same topic with a collective group of women and it’s been so life-giving. This is our first #TogetherWeMother post for this year and the topic is Self Love. I thought about giving you some tips on balance and things I do to show myself love like watch The Bachelor and eat chocolate or get my nails done. Then I had a poetic thought. Literally I was driving to the mechanic thinking about all the ways I’ve learned to love myself in life and this is what I came up with.

Oh girl you need to love yourself.

You need to get back to your roots and remember who created you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made just so.

Do your makeup, paint your nails and put on that pretty red dress that makes you feel 21…but don’t forget who is underneath it all or she’ll come undone.

Remember that 3 year old girl that danced on a stage in a sequins unitard tapping away…no cares in the world, beaming inside…What did I have then that gave me such pride?

Remember those days spent entirely outside connected to nature-the sun, moon, and sky? I miss those days like grandmother’s embrace… I want more time spent like that instead of the daily rat race.

Remember those formidable college years when you felt so young and carefree… nothing meant more than your grades and body. Whoa those years taught you a thing or two about life and how to love who you, but it was a hefty price. You learned a hard lesson that love couldn’t be measured by your pant size and that self-acceptance is better than a gap in between your thighs.

Remember those years of motherhood when your body did more than you ever thought it could? You have stretch marks now and an unimpressive bra size, but you birthed two humans that are worth more than any prize.

Self Love is a choice to strip away all the fluff, to view yourself as good and to know you’re enough.

#TogetherWeMother: Self-Love#TogetherWeMother: Self-Love#TogetherWeMother: Self-Love#TogetherWeMother: Self-Love

Please take a look at the words from the women below….guaranteed to lift you up!

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