Weekend Update: Links I Love

Weekend Update: Links I LoveIt seams since our youngest was born our weekends have been crammed full with events, outings, and things on our to do list…which is mostly my fault (I thrive on productivity, socializing, and adventuring). But I see the good in slow days and time spent in our little home. I’m resolving now (before the new year) to take more time for rest and relaxation for myself and all the boys in this family of mine. One of my favorite activities at home is reading…actually make that skimming cause that’s what reading is for me as a mother of two now. Gimme a cup of coffee, my iPhone and some mags and I’m a happy woman. With that I thought I’d share all the links I’m loving this weekend and trying to skim through. I’ll put them in order of must readability for ya. Hope you’re all having a great weekend as well!

Weekend UpdateWeekend Update: Links I LoveWeekend Update: Links I Love

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