What Happens When We Follow Our Good Desires

I’ve been thinking a lot about desires and how when we follow our God-given desires we come alive more. Essentially we become more of who we are meant to be when we listen to the things that pull at our heart and attention.


What Happens When We Follow Our Good Desires

Me (on the far right) as a child with friends…. I have no idea what we were doing but we had an idea and went with it and had so much fun.

As a child I was ‘eh how do I say this…kinda pushy and annoying when I wanted something. I look back on this “hard-to-parent” behavior and realize it came from a place of extreme passion to see things come to fruition because I came alive when I put my plans into action. I still come alive when I put my ideas and plans into action it’s part of who I am and how I was made. Over the past 5 years I’ve come to accept and love this about my personality instead of fighting it. I used to tell myself stories like “you’re not focused”, “you’re just a dreamer” or “you need to take the safe route.” These stories have never helped me feel whole or become a better person so I threw them away for a much better theology…I have good desires that I need to pay attention to and when I do I find myself on a path that’s much more fun and fulfilling.

Here are just 3 things that happen when we follow the good desire that come to us in life:

  1. We get more energy, have more inspiration and become more creative in our work.
  2. We become better people that are able to love others better because we are filled up.
  3. We encourage and inspire others because we become examples

Here are some questions for you to journal about that might help you pinpoint the good desires that you should be following:

  • Think back to your childhood…Do you have any poignant memories of things you wanted? What did you do to get them? Did you achieve your desired outcome? If yes, how did it feel? If no, how did it feel?
  • What are the stories you’ve told yourself about your desires? Do they come from you or external voices or pressure? When you are calm and centered what does your true self say about your desires?
  • What is one step you can take towards following your desire? This should be a simple step that’s not overwhelming like research “floral design” or start a pinterest inspiration board for that dream you have on “how to renovate a vintage trailer” or maybe it looks like calling a trusted friend to share your idea.

My brother and mentor Josh Storrer and I just recorded a podcast together on “what happens when we follow our good desires”…it’s full of awesome content that will help you on your own path toward fulfillment in life. Click here to listen to episode 19 of  Sure, Babe.

Click here to download the “Good Creator Worksheet” and “The Turning Your What into Your Why” worksheet to help you uncover more about your desires as well as teach children how to create good.

Head to joshstorrer.com for more resources and personal life coaching…and here’s a YouTube video of my bother wakeboarding… he’s an all-round bad a$$!




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